Like Disney?
2003-10-27 08:24:56 ET

I saw this....
I can't believe Walt Disney let this thru...
Donald, you naughty duck!

2003-10-28 04:05:04 ET

thats the most horrible thing ever

2003-10-28 04:29:02 ET

Isn't it? Who designed that ride?

2003-10-28 04:47:40 ET

a pervert.

2003-10-28 05:18:04 ET

I'd like to know if they evre figured it out and got rid of it?

2003-10-28 05:26:59 ET

most likely not.

2003-10-28 06:48:21 ET

I don't even want to think of what the Goofy or Micky rides look like.

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