I'm full of HATE today
2003-10-30 06:11:26 ET

This is a journal entry... there have been entries before this one, but none quite like this one. This is one where I say nothing more than this:

Things I'm hating today....
cold coffee
not being all cuddled up and warm with my girl
dealing with the drama of an ex- (as the girl says "that's why we call 'em 'exs'...")
close-cut photography (no brainer shit that is sooooo uninteresting)
my lack of food today. Maybe Taco Bell is a good idea. Meatless, of course.
my stubble.
my appearance.
the cold coffee aftertaste stuck in my mouth.

That's about it I think.

when did Edge 102 become such a crap music station?

2003-10-30 06:23:40 ET

I'm adding Fred Durst to that list

2003-10-30 06:51:22 ET

good call. I pretty much agree with 3/4ths of that. That and i know i wanna do stuff but im too lazy, so here i sit, lazy and disgusted

2003-10-30 07:57:20 ET

ex's and cold coffee = no go in my book.

YES that's why they're EXs

2003-10-30 09:23:30 ET

gros...cold coffee aftertaste.
I would rather eat dirt than acknowledge mr durst's presence. He's not worth being on the list.

Think about sharing apples and talking with someone who understands you a bit while watching it rain when its not TOO cold under a tree.

2003-10-30 09:27:10 ET

Sharing apples and talking with someone who understands you a bit while watching it rain when its not TOO cold under a tree.

A.D., that's the kind of statement that starts with Happiness is...

2003-10-30 10:43:11 ET

AD, that's just awesome.

cheshire- that is indeed why they're ex's. *hugs in consolation* Edge 102 has sucked since around 1998, and taco bell is just EWWWW.

2003-10-30 11:39:03 ET

That was the point mr cat man. I am sorry you are feeling out fo sorts, I was trying to defer your attention away from the negative as it is so close to halloween. no one should be out of sorts.

sybarite - yes taco bell is eww minus a cheap bean burrito with lots of hot sauce and some crunchy churro thingies.

2003-10-30 11:58:14 ET

Actually, all there food is good if you just make it veggie. Try asking for bean instead of meat next time you go and you'll be surprised. I was. My girl told me how satisfying it can be. And she loves really good Mexican food. There are a couple really great spots to go here in da T Dot.

2003-10-30 12:11:30 ET

I still maintain the BLAAAARRRGGGHHH aspect of Taco Hell, thanks.

2003-10-30 14:51:58 ET

Fair enough...

2003-10-30 17:00:13 ET

102 *HAS* turned into a crap station. i couldn't agree with you more.

2003-10-30 17:03:52 ET

It was -amazing- in the early 90's, but it's just turned into another banal shitstream radio station.

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