I'm full of JOY today
2003-10-31 03:51:45 ET

K, wlll maybe not that much joy. But I have the studio to myself today, so I plan to make use of it. So long as the project co-ordinator stays off my back.

Things I'm enjoying today:
My coffee.... nice 'n' hot.. and black.
My bagel.
My clean shaven appearance. (I'm coifed for a change!)
Access to the camera equipment and props and merch to shoot. NO APPLIANCES FOR ME TODAY!!!
The skeleton hanging in the prop department. It's so cool-looking.

And I think that's about it.... oh, and the weather's s'posed to be really nice today.

aside from that...

2003-10-31 05:15:13 ET

yay for bagels and coffee *stares at them across the room - no eating in computer lab*


2003-10-31 05:15:20 ET

-- coffee creamy as hell --

2003-10-31 06:13:10 ET

Black wit sugah, sugah. That's the only way to go...
Actually, properly roasted coffee shouldn't need any sugar or cream. It's supposed to be sweet, not bitter. Learned that one from a vegan coffee roaster.

just call me cliff claven

2003-10-31 07:05:32 ET

i know - good coffee should be sweet and have a lovely aroma. but in most cases, IT DOESNT. so cream and suga is the way to go baby. i love a little milk+honey in m y life. la la

2003-10-31 07:36:26 ET

Happy Halloween!

2003-10-31 08:02:13 ET

Thank you 'noise.
read my posting on the joys of helium for an update of hallowe'en hijinx.

2003-11-03 10:12:07 ET

Hurrah for no appliances :)
Glad you're halloween is happy in stages

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