I like helium
2003-10-31 07:59:58 ET

I love the way it makes me feel... all high in the head, in the voice.
A couple of the photographers and I were snacking on helium balloons at the Hallowe'en party today. Then someone from H.R. (human resources) came over and said *snooty voice* "can you please not do that."

We never got an explanation or a reason why we were told to stop. So we didn't. I just looked at her and said, in my chipmunk voice, "no".

We all laughed at that. H.R. got upset and stomped off. I'm up for review soon too. Guess I won't be getting that raise. Oh well, we had fun.

2003-10-31 08:02:31 ET

Just tell her it was peer pressure.

2003-10-31 08:08:14 ET

my birthday was October 19th, and i got a bunch of helium balloons...and did the exact same thing.

2003-10-31 08:10:28 ET

Don't you just love snarking at authority?
I'm really, really surprised that I haven't been fired from a couple of jobs just because I'm a mouthy pain in the arse.

2003-10-31 08:39:20 ET

"Respect meh authoriteh!!"

2003-10-31 08:40:24 ET

not unless you go and bake me a pie.

2003-10-31 09:47:38 ET

Chicken pot pie? For a vegetarian?

2003-10-31 11:35:16 ET


2003-10-31 11:48:48 ET

mmmmveggie pot piemmmm

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