"Clever got me this far..."
2003-11-02 09:59:32 ET

So it's come to the crunch. I have to go through all my CDs and figure out what I don't listen to, what I don't like and what I'm just damn well ashamed to own. Then get rid of it.

You'd think that'd be easy, but in a collection of 500+ CDs, it's a bit of a mire to wade through. I figure if I can find between 100 and 200 discs to get rid of, and get an average of $4 per disc, that's $400 to $800 back in my pocket.

When you say it like that, it makes me wonder... Why the fuck didn't I do this before? I guess it's cause I swore I'd whore myself out before I ever, ever sold a CD.

Times are tough. Anyone wanna wish me luck?

2003-11-02 10:00:16 ET

you can do it, babe. no whoring for YOU!

2003-11-02 10:01:23 ET

I know.... *pouts*

2003-11-02 10:05:48 ET

*offers up a "Pass Go - Collect $200" ticket*

will that help?

2003-11-02 10:08:22 ET

Good luck, hon.
I did the same thing last year.. and you'd be surprised how cathartic it is to cull all the ones you'll never listen to again. If you have a cd burner, burn the 1 or 2 songs from each cd that you REALLY loved, so you still have those songs around.

2003-11-02 10:10:57 ET

*takes the ticket* yes darling, it does *kisses you*

That's what I'm working on, Syb. I bought a spindle of 50 CDs to just make MP3s of all the stuff Ilike but can part with and take the one or two songs from artists I don't really care for anymore and just plow through it all.

2003-11-02 10:11:13 ET

And thanks for the well wishing.

2003-11-02 10:16:04 ET

*nods* ;)

What was terribly painful for me was parting with many of the books I had. I basically forced myself to get rid of anything I hadn't read, used for reference etc. in the last 3 years. (treasured books from my childhood excluded).

2003-11-02 10:43:49 ET

Yeah, I don't think I could do that with books. Besides, where do go to sell books and get a fair price?

2003-11-02 11:02:57 ET

It really depends on the books.. Abelard on Queen is good for reference stuff, hardcovers, etc. There's a used book and music store in Kensington Mkt (It's on Augusta, just south of College, on the West side). Small place, but decent prices for used books. She Said Boom on College is also good for selling books.

2003-11-02 11:24:18 ET

And what types of books? Like any paperbacks, or only hardcovers? Fiction, nonfiction etc.?

2003-11-02 12:01:07 ET

She Said Boom and the Kensington place will take anything.

2003-11-02 12:01:37 ET

There's also a used bookstore on McCaul just north of Dundas (on the West side) that buys all kinds of books for a fair price.

2003-11-02 12:06:17 ET

Thanks... I'll keep that in mind as I scour my home fro stuff I can live without... at least til I have money again.

2003-11-02 12:15:11 ET

It's also nice because you're starting from scratch, in a way.. cleaning out all the crap you don't need.

2003-11-02 12:17:33 ET

Best of luck with all of this, and Syb beat me to the burning idea, but regardless I hope all goes well! =)

2003-11-02 12:22:34 ET

Thanks. Looking now at the 140 CDs I've culled, it's a mammoth task.
*buries head in hands and sighs*
Long night ahead, I s'pose.

2003-11-02 12:25:03 ET

*holds up "The Pioneers of Psychology" book for his Origins of Modern Psychology class* I hear ya...

2003-11-02 13:03:57 ET

Mark- if you can find a book called "The Origins of Consciousness in the breakdown of the Bicameral Mind" by Julian Jaynes, give it a read: it's excellent.

2003-11-02 13:06:17 ET

When I have time for non-school oriented books, I'll definately hunt it down.

2003-11-02 13:15:44 ET

If you're taking psychology, it might give you some neat perspectives on a couple of things. ;)

2003-11-02 13:37:05 ET

i think...i will be doing the same. Christmas is coming up yep.

2003-11-02 13:46:17 ET

This year for xmas, anyone who asks what I'd like is getting their own list of books to choose from, much to my beloved's dismay; the last time we moved, he begged me to get books on cd from now on.

2003-11-02 13:46:32 ET

I'm just doing it so I have some cash to meet this months bills. How shitty is that?

2003-11-02 13:47:41 ET

Been there, hon.
A few years ago, I pretty much spent a year or so living on congee, scrounging whatever coins I could find in our couch cushions for the occasional container of milk for tea.

that was some livin', let me tell you.

2003-11-02 13:57:51 ET

I was living like that for a few months this past summer.

2003-11-02 14:05:01 ET

fun, huh?

2003-11-02 14:14:41 ET

I'm dreading moving out. But a friend of mine has convinced me to move into the co-op he's a member of. He told me it's only $325/month, so I think that'll be my first move in spring.

2003-11-02 14:29:06 ET

Sweet! Where's that?

2003-11-02 14:42:07 ET

The co-op place he's a member of is at Christie and Bloor, I think... the co-op itself has really good security. It's all gov't sponsored housing, so it's pretty affordable. It makes for a good background check in the future, too.

2003-11-02 14:45:43 ET

Nice. Good luck on that.

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