Stolen from Mark....
2003-11-02 14:17:58 ET

~The Basics...~
Where are you? Toronto.

What time is it there? 6:48pm

What's the date? Sunday, November 2nd, 2003.

How are you? Tired. And remorseful as I go through CDs to sell.

What are you doing? See above.

How was/is your day? Good. Spent it with my girl wandering around. But it's been raining, so that dampened the day... sorry, bad pun.

Seen any good movies lately? In the theatre, no. But I watched Glengarry Glen Ross the other night. That's a really good movie.

Heard any good songs lately? I only listen to really good songs.

What's on your mind? The next CD I have to backup as MP3 before I consider the disc "partable".

~Hypothetically Speaking...~

If you could have anything, what would it be? Enough money to go back to black.

You have a plane ticket in your hand. Where to? Italy.

You are in a store and have a very full wallet. What are you buying? CDs. But I might also run out and buy a new wardrobe. Lotsa black things. And cool boots, like New Rocks.

You are a character in a movie. What's the movie about? The toppling of the Bush regime.

The person of your dreams is standing outside of your front door, and they have something for you. What is it? Love and devotion.


Fill in the blank: In high school, I was _____________. The odd, yet dependable friend.

Have you dreamt recently, if so, what about? I never remember my dreams.

Fill in the blank: I am the ___ of my generation. "never satisfied and continuely questioning bastard"

Who was your first celebrity crush? Marissa Tomei

What's the most unusual place you ever had sex? On the platform of Christie Station waiting for the subway.

~And in conclusion...~

Who inspires you the most? Those that haven't succeeded.

What's your biggest guilty pleasure? I don't feel guilty about any of my pleasures.

Heard any good jokes lately? Iraq has weapons of mass destruction. See Micheal Moore, Dude, Where's My Country? for more info...

2003-11-02 14:24:43 ET

hahaha... i watched the daily show... and they were makin' fun of the weapons of mass destruction (quite humorous) :-)

2003-11-02 14:39:03 ET

Here's another one. Saddam and Osama are best friends... apparently Osama thinks of Saddam as an infidel, primerily because when Saddam invaded Kuwait, his actions forced U.S. troops to tread upon sacred ground.

I love how some people place soooo much faith in a piece of land. Nuts.

2003-11-02 14:58:02 ET

"You are a character in a movie. What's the movie about? The toppling of the Bush regime."

can i b a co-star in the movie???????

2003-11-02 15:00:04 ET

sure... you can beat the snot outta Cheney. And a couple of the other bigwigs.

2003-11-02 15:07:04 ET

woohoo!! sounds great

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