A nighttime thought
2003-11-02 17:31:41 ET

But when I think of you,
I draw it out, I do,
long and slow...
makes for a much more
explosive 'o'

again, for my .:girlparticulare:.

2003-11-02 18:19:28 ET

that's so sweet.

2003-11-03 06:55:52 ET

babe ... you are too much for this Girl.

2003-11-03 07:49:15 ET

you two are just adorable beyond words.

2003-11-03 08:19:43 ET

Aww. Sweet to the max.

2003-11-03 08:22:19 ET

I'm gonna write a few more and maybe see about getting them published...

2003-11-03 09:15:36 ET

A book of erotic poetry inspired be erotic events.
Speaking of which, I was watching Friday the Thirteenth the other night...

sorry, I couldn't help myself

2003-11-03 09:32:22 ET

Yeah, I can see how Friday the Thirteenth could be seen as erotic. o.O
*thwaps you*

But yeah, see if you can get some of those published.

2003-11-03 10:13:40 ET

A concept that's been done before, but it seems to be done in a new light.
Intoxicating and refreshing.

Oi shit, I feel like a critic :P

2003-11-03 11:12:29 ET

*rubs head*
I was kidding 'bout that Friday the 13th comment. I've actually never seen any of 'em. Not to mention never having seen any Hellraiser, Hallowe'en or Nightmare on Elm Street movies either.
Somehow I don't feel deprived tho...

2003-11-03 17:03:13 ET

i'm beyond a Chicken-Butt when it comes to scary movies. i cannot watch them ... not even in the slightest. i hide my eyes and get all wiggly-scared.

2003-11-03 17:04:28 ET

Heheh. I get the same way... I'll either peek at them from between my fingers, or bury my face in either a cat or my husband until the superscary bits are over.

2003-11-03 17:08:50 ET

hehe ... i cannot even do that! i try to peek, but even the creepy sounds and effects scare me! ;)

i'll leave the horror flicks to my younger sister - she's a B-movie nut!

2003-11-03 17:11:15 ET

I don't mind semi-scary movies.. I mean, I rather liked 28 days later, but something like the texas chainsaw massacre?? NO WAY.

2003-11-03 17:13:12 ET

once i get a bit of pocket-money, i WILL be buying 28 Days Later. that level of suspense, i do enjoy.

2003-11-03 17:21:01 ET

I liked the fact that the scariest aspect of that movie was human nature.

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