It could be worse...
2003-11-04 10:18:19 ET

Just sold 35 CDs and 9 DVDs today. Made back $350. I'll take the remaining 100 or so and get at least $200 for those. Not bad for music I can *shudder* live without.

Next... Anyone wanna buy a medium format camera? I'm only looking for 2 grand canadian. Please?

The day a photographer sells one of his cameras is a sad, sad, sad day.

2003-11-04 10:52:12 ET

it will get easier. trust me.

2003-11-04 11:52:54 ET

I've got a camera i'm still tinkering with... but I do have a cutlass for sale.

2003-11-04 18:22:29 ET

I completely agree. I'm not even a professional (in the sense) photographer and I could never sell my camera.
Unless someone needed like a serious operation or something.

2003-11-09 23:29:33 ET

whoa man, no no no don't go sellin that camera! it personal for ya, your little wuvvy pet!!!!

2003-11-10 03:43:38 ET

I gotta. 'Sides, I don't use the medium format anymore. I prefer 35mm... more discreet, cheaper to develop.

2003-11-10 10:41:44 ET

alrite, ya follow what you think best, I understand ya now!

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