Drawing a blank...
2003-11-05 03:37:53 ET


I haven't really been able to post anything interesting lately, and for that I'm sorry. Usually I have some witty comment or remark about society, or something. At the very least poetry.

I got coffee black with sugar. So I can't complain about that. Work is steady, but as usual boring.

So that just leaves me in the financial mess I've been struggling with for the last year.

Matrix opens today. I'll have to wait a little while before I see it tho. I'm shit-broke right now, so I'll wait to use one of my free movie passes after the 15th. I think the passes expire soon, so I should use them up.

I'm sorry about this entry. I'll try to put up something halfway decent soon.

2003-11-05 10:16:12 ET

well, we'll never forgive you if you don't come up with something brilliant and witty to entertain us all with. :P

2003-11-05 10:21:10 ET

That's exactly how I think.... I have to be on. All the time. That's why I love caffeine... it makes me all hyper and on so I can perform and everybody will laugh and love me and think "Oh that Sean! He's such a card" or "That Sean guy is so smart, he should be president of the world, no Solar System" and I'd be like "Yeah, I'm El Presidente Sean, leader of the free thinking people of earth and it's neighbouring allies" and aliens would flock to Earth and our inter-planetary tourism industry would be the best in all the universe....

I think I need to take some valium... 'scuse me...

2003-11-05 10:22:43 ET

Ahhh.. the joys of trying to live up to the expectations of others. ;) fuck 'em. Just breathe, hon- we don't all need to be amused all the time.

2003-11-09 23:27:53 ET

dude, I feel ya pain *fist to my heart* I'm the same way, friggin broke! Don't take any valium and I don't believe in those friggin pills man!

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