The Matrix has you...
2003-11-05 03:45:35 ET

Okay, the last entry was pretty crap, so here's something for all you Mac users out there. If you are running MAC OS X 10.2, here's the best Matrix screensaver ever. Trust me on this, I have this on my G4 at home and at work.

Turn off the lights, throw on Massive Attack's Mezzanine or 100th Window, and enjoy...

2003-11-05 14:24:31 ET

I.. I'm on a .. PC!!!

ah well. At least I have Massive Attack.

2003-11-05 14:42:12 ET

I'm sorry... I don't know if it's available for PC... But I'm gonna upload a picture of my (messy) room and the computer screen has the screensaver going...

2003-11-05 14:58:18 ET

S'ok. I like MY screensaver just fine.

2003-11-05 19:54:19 ET

oh it's just. so. good.

2003-11-05 19:54:44 ET

Pixi- You like?

2003-11-05 19:55:28 ET

the movie kicked my ass.

2003-11-05 19:55:51 ET

i'll get the screen saver in the morning. OHYEAH. i got an 8:30 class tho - so NIGHTY for me. :D

2003-11-05 20:00:44 ET

I have to waith another week and a bit to see it... but I know I'll enjoy it. Saw Kill Bill tho, so I got my Martial Arts fix to tide me over.

2003-11-06 04:47:10 ET

hehehehehe. kill bill was decent - but nothing compared. :D

i <3 umaaaaaaaa

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