I wanna Sword....
2003-11-05 19:54:18 ET

I just saw Kill Bill: Vol. 1... I have to say that is the most violent film I have ever seen. And it was fucking incredible. I really want to learn how to use a sword now. Just the grace of using something so deadly is beautiful.

And I even know the sword I want... (it's the first one on the page).

When I have money... It will be mine. Oh yes. It will be mine.

I'm obsessing, I know. And in another few weeks I won't care. Boys and their toys. yeah yeah yeah

2003-11-05 20:00:17 ET

that's.. actually a really cool sword.

And it's not just boys and toys.. I have a weakness for blades m'self. :P

2003-11-05 20:01:49 ET

And apperantly fully functional. I'd like to know how many times it's been folded.

2003-11-05 20:01:57 ET

Hm, I have seen that one before, and I to confess to liking it muchly. They also have a nice tanto version of it as well.

2003-11-05 20:02:56 ET

Well look at that! If I hadn't been so daft and had scrolled through the rest of the page I would have seen the tanto there.

Smoooooth playah.

2003-11-05 20:06:44 ET

As far as katana's go however, there is much grace to using them in the sense that a curved blade is by far the best for long sweeping slashes, but on the flip side, you really lose some of the more delecate and precise moves that a good striaght-edged blade can turn out. Katana's are definately a good sword for someone who can't stop moving. Get backed into a corner and you're done. Parrying isn't the forte of a katana.

However, if you're good enough, who needs to parry? ;)

(though I doubt you'd actually be using the sword in combat, silly me) =P

2003-11-05 20:07:44 ET

Yeah, a guy I know has all three of the blades on that page.. But I think he paid something like CDN $300 a piece. Even to buy from that website in USD, you still save a bundle.

I talk like I have money...

2003-11-05 20:08:21 ET

no, I just like the look of 'em

2003-11-05 20:13:02 ET

I love the look of swords, but I just can't get into the 'feel' of them. Derek has swords, but I have daggers.

*grins like a brat*

2003-11-05 20:13:20 ET

True, it is certainly a nice sword.

2003-11-05 20:14:33 ET

i kinda like the second one... just cuz i like double bladed... but yeah, first one nicey.

2003-11-05 20:16:09 ET

well, I should get to bed...
to dream of swords
and lopped off heads

2003-11-05 20:16:23 ET

dream well, then.

2003-11-05 20:16:53 ET

thank you... by the by, who do you think will be mayor?

2003-11-05 20:17:20 ET

you're welcome. ;)

You know, I'm afraid to even speculate. What about you?

2003-11-05 20:20:16 ET

Miller. I hope. He's not yer regular type politician... I think he has some good plans. and Tory, well... the name speaks for itself, but he worked in the cable industry before deciding to run. he's a business man, not a politician. look who we just had as mayor... a businessman.
and he's apparently quite the Green (at the very least NDP).

2003-11-05 20:21:07 ET

anyway, I'm really off ta bed...

2003-11-05 20:21:16 ET

Well, here's hoping someone gets in that will actually do some good.
*crosses her fingers*

2003-11-05 20:24:00 ET

"Tories," a then-derogatory (17th century) name applied to Irish-Catholic bandits who harassed the English in Ireland.

2003-11-09 23:24:13 ET

Hey cat! oh that sword, yep friggin awesome, I dunno if ya saw the same one the first sword you dig, well you were there at the halloween party! ummm those next door to chris and andrew place, he just got the same sword, i touch those, it was incredible! no I didn't swing around especially when i'm in a narrow hallway, besides, there a friggin halloween party going on, though i was tempted to go on a violence rampage durin that moment! cheers man!

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