So I had that dream again...
2003-11-10 08:04:43 ET

"So I had that dream again"
What dream?
"That dream."
The dream you keep having?
"Yeah. That one."
Same thing happened?
"Yeah. Same thing. Only this time I'm sure it was me."
You're sure it was you...?
"That killed you. Remember? I said you were dead before, but I didn't know why.

You're not even listening!"
Sorry... I was listening, I was, I just... Where was I standing?
"*sigh* On the edge"
Right. The edge...

The edge of what?


you, you shot me... why? I'm not even standing on an edge!
"I know...

I lied."

2003-11-10 08:54:02 ET


2003-11-10 09:10:31 ET

Does it need explaining?

2003-11-10 09:10:50 ET

I think it's pretty self-explanatory.

2003-11-10 09:14:37 ET

it needs explaining for me. who is speaking?

2003-11-10 09:14:57 ET


2003-11-10 10:04:59 ET

Might be me. Might be someone else. Might be two people.

I'll level with you. I'm insane and that was just from the dark recesses of my mind.

I dunno, I just felt like writing something dark and comic, that could be from any point of view. I think its an inept psychiatrist that's not paying attention to his psychopathic patient.

It's not meant to be earth shattering lit.

2003-11-10 10:26:12 ET

It's neat, in any case.

2003-11-10 10:38:44 ET

You think so, Syb? iunno... I'm not really attached to it. I don't think that will make it into my book.

2003-11-10 10:45:37 ET

yes. i enjoyed it thoroughly.

2003-11-10 11:48:06 ET

It has promise, at least.. maybe if you drew it out a little more?

(if you haven't yet, check out Neil Gaiman's collection of short stories, "Smoke and Mirrors")

2003-11-10 13:23:44 ET

Last week I had that dream, where i was in a internet without my physical body, I was talkin to people as seen by my text dialogue , strange yep, never had that dream before, what about you? ever expereience anything like that?

2003-11-10 22:01:47 ET

Am i the only one who dreams in strange bland~ish colours with panels like an old comic book?

I desire dreams like this cat who speaks of dreams in dreams.
Discussing dreams while dreaming.
Or...of tea and things.

2003-11-11 03:35:02 ET

This wasn't an actual dream I had, I was just sweeping the floor in the studio and it came to me.

Xander- no, can't say I have. I almost never remember my dreams. Except on occasion when one wakes me up. But that's about it.

2003-11-11 03:39:17 ET

The script you wrote yep very interesting, sure would any attract any producers to make a feature film just by this one page alone!

2003-11-11 03:39:56 ET

K, I've seen double-posting before, but never a triple-post. That's weird.

2003-11-11 03:40:38 ET

wait a sec, that's a quad-post... Xander, you on crack again?

2003-11-11 03:41:50 ET

Yep the script you wrote, very interesting!, it would attract any producers to make it a feature film just by this one page alone!

2003-11-11 03:44:06 ET

Stop that!

2003-11-11 04:05:25 ET

The script you wrote is interesting! it sure would attract any producers to make a feature film just by this one page alone!
I know I would.

2003-11-11 04:50:41 ET


2003-11-11 04:51:19 ET

the page kept poppin up error and I had no idea that the message was sent across LMAO!!!!

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