Oh how music soothes this savage beast
2003-11-11 13:48:41 ET

Paul Weller IS the MODfather.
Need proof? Then here it is!

2003-11-11 13:50:49 ET

i wish i had a certain Cat here to soothe the beast in my brain at the moment ...

2003-11-11 13:53:16 ET

Maybe tomorrow? Vincent is coming over in a bit to work on lines with me.
And 'sides, we can't do two nights in a row.

2003-11-11 13:57:27 ET

oh Cat, you bet we sure can do two nights in a row. and three, then maybe four ...

definitely sometime this week; just a matter of the logistics of schedules, timing, and whatnot.

have fun w/Vinnie, ok?

2003-11-11 13:59:41 ET

have fun w/Vinnie, ok?

Is that an order?

2003-11-11 14:04:16 ET

not in the least ...

just a little nudge towards a "request" and a little nudge back towards "command".
*nudges him towards a good time*

2003-11-11 19:22:52 ET

oh yeah two lover birds! yeah I'm listening to paul weller! really cool never listen to this stuff! thanks cat!

2003-11-11 19:23:47 ET

No problem man... He's great. I have all his stuff.

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