ToolTime with TheCat Part 1
2003-11-13 12:24:56 ET

I never thought that so many tools exist for mechanics. I'm shooting a toolbook and one shot is of 500 fucking pieces!!! Who needs all these?!
I swaer, socket wrenches that are 2-1/2" wide with 1' long ratchets that way a good 10 lbs. They're insanely heavy. And then getting all these pieces into one shot... I dunno, art directors haven't a clue. They should all be made to take a year long course in photography so that they understand that some of the things that they ask for just can't be done. Not unless they wanna put the budget out for it.

I rant about work. I apologize to all of you misfortunate to have sat thru this. Then again, you could have stopped reading it.

Anybody want to buy my camera?

2003-11-13 12:28:21 ET

from personal experice i have noticed that photographers tend to be *slightly* angry people...but not so much angry as hard to please. and i only say this b/c i am one myself...and i work on a yearbook with about 11 other photographers...and we are all very...*aheM* precise in our expectations. which nobody else seems to realise.

oh--and what type of camera....i think im just going to buy a new lens though. or maybe a digital that i can plug up into my comp and have pictures galore.

2003-11-13 12:32:09 ET

I think it's just that people who aren't photographers or artists have unrealistic expectations of things, and don't realise what has to be put into play in order for a certain effect to take place.

2003-11-13 12:32:25 ET

Mamiya RZ 6x7 with a Lightphase "Phase One" digital back and a Apple G4 (only a 400MHz model, though, my computer at home is much faster, 867MHz Dual G4).

2003-11-13 12:33:24 ET

Yeah, Syb, I agree. I think the title "Art Director" is thrown around a little too loosely.

2003-11-13 12:33:39 ET

man being a mechanic must suck more than youd think. Seems to be that most people never consider what your going to have ot do to get a project done, they just want you to do it

2003-11-13 12:35:24 ET

All I know is that I don't like tools very much anymore (they reflect light in all sorts of BAD ways) and I like art directors less (as you can tell, I have a beef going here).

2003-11-13 12:36:06 ET

cat- we had a commission once to sculpt a life-sized human figure in wax, to be cast in bronze.. we asked for 3 months minimum to get it done, and we were given 15 days.

2003-11-13 12:37:15 ET

Sorry, Pirate, I thought you were asking which camera I use. Sorry, the one I'm selling is a Bronica SQ-A 6x6. I'm looking for $2500 for the full package.

2003-11-13 12:39:02 ET

syb- 15 days? Do they think that these things happen out of thin air? Man, some people have no sense of effort and time art takes, even if it isn't a direct expression of the artist temselves.
Total ignorance.

2003-11-13 12:40:52 ET

there was a ton of beaurocratic red tape to be waded through, etc.. and yeah. 15 fucking days. The two of us worked both together and in shifts, working about 20 hours a day for the full 2 weeks. My hands bled at a couple of times from repetitive movement with the steel wax-sculpting tools.

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