Fun with tools
2003-11-14 09:11:22 ET

I just finished up a shot this morning. I've uploaded a copy of it to my "Other Stuff" Gallery. Go look at it! I'm happy with it...

2003-11-14 09:14:27 ET

The Photo look good! my opinion, mechanics usually fix things, not think new ideas!

2003-11-14 09:28:25 ET

Nice. ;)

2003-11-14 09:34:52 ET

Here's another one I just finished with

2003-11-14 09:36:08 ET

Holy smoke!!! Okay I take back my statement!!! don't hit me with that huge wench!

2003-11-14 09:37:26 ET

C'est tres grand, n'est pas?

2003-11-14 09:38:00 ET

yeah I believe ya it huge!

2003-11-14 09:40:09 ET

remind me to stay on your good side.

2003-11-14 09:57:46 ET

Haha, no worries. I'm not a violent person. But I can give quite the cold shoulder...

2003-11-14 12:00:08 ET

heh, and THAT crazy boy is who goes to bed with me?!?

2003-11-14 13:15:58 ET

the epiphanies never end, hmm? ;)

The other day my beloved headbutted me until I agreed to sniff the milk to see if it was still good. Oh, it's been 8 years of joy.

2003-11-14 16:40:25 ET

is that a big idea you have or are you just happy to see me?

2003-11-14 16:40:57 ET

Syb ... i ADORE moments like that!

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