Putting it off
2003-11-16 16:04:02 ET

I haven't done a proper post lately. Sorry.
Ever have those days/weeks/months go by where you feel you need to just observe more and comment less? That's been me lately.

I have noticed a few things:
-I love my girl more and more every time I look at her
"Honey, you are the sea upon which I float"

-I'm not quite so afraid of the future anymore, cause I know I live in a very safe country.
-Politicians rarely (if ever) can be trusted, but the ones that affect my life, currently, are a safe bet. For now.
-I have a something that resembles a plan, and I'm sure I can go somewhere with it.

Yeah. That's it for now. I have a new gallery featuring Xander, Antoire & myself from last night (11/15/03), so check it out.

Back to Photoshop with me...

2003-11-16 18:49:17 ET

"Honey, you are the sea upon which I float"

that's just too sweet. I love seeing/hearing about people who are so completely happy together.


2003-11-16 18:52:43 ET

That's from Coldplay's "Green Eyes"... figure I should mention that before I get sued for copyright infringment.

Thanks, Syb. I am really happy that there's someone out there willing to put up with me.

2003-11-16 18:54:33 ET

mmmm. I haven't heard much Coldplay, but I've loved everything I -have- heard thus far.

..and no thanks necessary. Honestly. That's the kind of feeling I get every time I look at my honey.. and I just wish more people would be able to experience that sort of connection.

2003-11-17 04:16:29 ET

and i'm sure the "putting up with" stuff is beyond mutual ...

the Cat sure does bring a smile to my face, indeed.

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