2003-11-17 08:17:02 ET

I've got the February blahs in November. That doesn't seem right. But then again, I'm working on advertising stuff that's gonna be out in January. So I'm two and a half months ahead of myself. Christmas was in September for me.

How fucked up is that?

2003-11-17 08:18:14 ET

Fucked up, but interesting nonetheless.

You could also be getting the 'blahs' because it's been so grey and nasty outside.
I want sunshine. :(

2003-11-17 08:40:40 ET

And a little warmth. Though I know that that wouldn't be right for this time of year.

2003-11-17 08:45:42 ET

True enough.
I don't mind the cool weather, I'd just like a bit more sun.

2003-11-17 11:06:24 ET

I definately understand. I am so blah today it's unreal.

2003-11-17 12:26:33 ET

Is a February blah sort of like a case of the Mondays?

2003-11-18 03:29:48 ET

5{hs (and their related November Blahs) are like a month full of Mondays... with scattered Tuesdays. So it never gets better. Not until the time change. Then things begin to pick up.
Speaking of which, because in the photo industry we're ahead of everyone by 2 1/2 months, do I get to have spring in January? Oh, wait. That's gonna happen anyway. Thank-you global warming!

2003-11-18 05:45:32 ET

Thats a load of POOP!

2003-11-19 13:49:05 ET

Well Cat that is not necessarily gonna happens with the spring in warmin in effect can causes extreme weathers!....mothernatture gone nuts!

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