ToolTime with TheCat Part 2
2003-11-21 12:05:31 ET

I'm not exactly sure who would be buying 530 piece tool sets, but there must be somebody out there. $2300 CDN for a mechanic set that big.

I mean, from the SEARS catalogue? I think serious mechanics go to actual specialty stores for their supplies... right?

So why the hell am I shooting them? I s'pose some rich wanna-be mechanics are out there and think they have to have all the pieces... just in case they need to take the nuts off of a semi. Or something.

Could be worser (I know that's not a word Nic!). I could be hauling fridges around. Yes. Tools are better.

2003-11-21 12:56:34 ET

bah! you are SO luck i don't sick my friend Cedric The Grammar Nazi on you!

"worser" ... ewwwww. *cringes*

2003-11-21 13:32:32 ET

Maybe it's a wife buying.

2003-11-21 18:48:27 ET

perhaps they are making up for a serious *cough* lack?

2003-11-25 14:06:12 ET

Probably trying to bribe *him* for sex... *snicker*

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