Terrorists Attacking!
2003-11-28 04:10:53 ET

If you see any of these signs, follow the instructions, and terrorism will be avoided.

2003-11-28 04:54:49 ET

omfg! i'm laughing my ass off :)

2003-11-28 08:53:55 ET

LMAO That is awesome!

2003-11-28 09:33:25 ET

"Michael Jackson is a terrorist. If you spot this smooth criminal with dead, dead eyes, run the f*** away."

I've always loved that one.

2003-11-28 10:37:17 ET

*laughs her ass off*


2003-11-29 06:21:25 ET

see? and nobody believed me about yanni!

2003-11-30 07:51:20 ET

*cracks up*

the yanni one was my fave.

2003-11-30 18:25:27 ET

I love the one about being sprayed with an unknown substance and "stand there and think about it, instead of seeing a doctor".

2003-11-30 18:49:38 ET

That was probably my favourite.

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