The Great Friggin' Cold North
2003-12-02 15:41:49 ET

So the snow's on the ground, and the temperature is well below that. For everyone who's up here with me, they know what it's like.

So there's been talk on various pages of SKers meeting up offline. One out on the west coast, another down in Philly (too many rhyming options there), and nothing happening up here in Canada.

So...... what we say? Something for the holiday season, if anyone's available?
Girl, I know you'd be up for that.
Poet, I know yer there with me too.
Mark, can you think of a way to hike down here for a weekend or somethin?
Anyone else who lives in the GTA or Ontario that can and would like to make a trip to the big smoke?

I dunno. Thought it'd be a cool idea...

2003-12-02 15:45:36 ET

yeah that is a grand idea! I'm up for that if everyone else is up for the meeting too lol!

2003-12-02 15:46:06 ET

That's one, tho I knew I could count on Xander

2003-12-02 15:46:38 ET

I'd be up for it.

2003-12-02 15:46:49 ET


2003-12-02 15:47:14 ET

Cool, two, and the girl I know'd make three, and me, that's four (grade 9 math wasn't wasted on me, I tell ya!)

2003-12-02 15:48:09 ET

wow. yer math skillz rock.

2003-12-02 15:49:46 ET


2003-12-02 15:50:02 ET


2003-12-02 15:50:17 ET

well what about mark from far north?
shouldn't he come down to warmer weather?

2003-12-02 15:50:39 ET

I think so, but I don't know when he'd be able to come down.

2003-12-02 15:51:37 ET

so cat you are the master mind of this event, when is that gonna happens?

2003-12-02 15:53:07 ET

It's happening RIGHT NOW!!!

No, uhm, I'd have to get everyone's availability and what we wanna do, where we wanna go... Lord of the Rings maybe? Drinks and food somewheres?

2003-12-02 15:54:27 ET

well i know your girl would love the idea. how bout few game of billards?

2003-12-02 15:55:34 ET

mhmm... I think the Poet has hit the proverbial nail upon its weary head!

2003-12-02 15:56:12 ET

I'm game! The only thing holding me back would be the timing. When I head home I'd like to get my full licence so I could rent a car and make some road trips, Toronto was one of my desitinations. For me, the best time would be at some point early in the new year - dependant on weather and $$$.

2003-12-02 15:56:16 ET

billiards would be good.

2003-12-02 15:56:31 ET

Assuming it's on a night I can make it, I'll come along!

2003-12-02 15:57:20 ET

i'm all over the idea; just keep me posted!

2003-12-02 15:57:51 ET

If we are aiming for before Christmas, then after the 15th but before the 18th is my only chance at getting away.

2003-12-02 15:58:30 ET

i have Dec. 12th to Jan 12th off from school, so anytime in there works for me.

2003-12-02 15:59:40 ET

ok... sounds like new year might be a good idea. Which makes sense, cause the holiodays (yes, holio) are chock full of family gatherings n stuff

But it looks like we gots 6 on the list here...
Anybody else out there?

2003-12-02 16:01:44 ET

my vote would be with early in the new year.

2003-12-02 16:03:16 ET

I'm thinking that too, LanaSyb (hey, I like that one)

2003-12-02 16:05:46 ET

LanaSyb. Sounds like some sort of ointment.. like Lanacane.

2003-12-02 16:06:12 ET

Amandacore might be in on this too, we were talking about it this morning.

2003-12-02 16:07:54 ET

Lana- yeah, sorry, I think yer right 'bout that. K, one or the other it is then...

Mark- that'd be cool. 7. she'll probably see this post too, so she can give her 2 cents.

2003-12-02 16:11:09 ET


2003-12-03 19:40:15 ET

Hahaha.... and i SO saw this post. how could i miss it ?!

I'd definetely be in for a meet. Hell, it was my idea on pixi's board that we should have one. i guess it's a combined thing! ;)

now where, and when? we just have to figure that one out. i'll bring lillith along with me, she lives next door to me at rez. haha

2003-12-03 19:54:45 ET

and me too!
where's the big smoke?

2003-12-03 19:55:33 ET

I think the consensus is sometime in the New Year. Most people have plans laid out for the holidays, so maybe the 2nd or 3rd weekend of January is better. Pool, drinks, food, somethin' like that. Antoire & I know of one or two good places for that (e.g. James Joyce Pub).
If everyone can have a look at those 2 weekends in January, see what works, then post it here. Also, if anybody knows of a place they think is good for a meet and that's public transit accessible & has pool tables, mention it. I figure a pub meet is the most economical considering anything else worth doing in T.O costs an arm & a leg.

2003-12-03 19:55:58 ET

The big smoke is Toronto, e.p

2003-12-03 19:57:55 ET

ha. and i LIVE here. eesh.

what about vinnys? i've never been there, but i keep hearing it hyped on the radio.

is everyone of age?

2003-12-03 20:01:17 ET

Good point. Age is also a consideration. If anyone is under 19, then we'll have to think of something non-pub/club...

Vinny's I've been to, and while the games are fun (arcade games, foozball, pool tables) you have to buy tokens, and they're pretty pricey. Like $10 gets you 20 tokens, but most games cost 3 tokens to play. Nice marketing ploy, eh?

2003-12-03 20:07:26 ET

ouch, i wasn't aware of that.

2003-12-03 21:04:07 ET

i'm of age! yay! ;)

i think most of us are, which should make for an easier time in finding somewhere to go.

so the 2nd or 3rd week of january? i'll talk to miss kat (lillith) and see if she'll want to make the trip with me from waterloo. it shouldn't be a problem. i'll come regardless though! ;)

2003-12-03 22:23:45 ET

I don't know about the rest of the schoolers but I start all new courses in January, so I'm not sure if I'll be busy with anything asignment wise yet. I doubt it, honestly - but stranger things have happened. However at this point, everything looks good!

Here's hoping I get my full G so I can rent a car and drive down.

2003-12-04 07:01:03 ET

Mark- Hopefully you won't have anything too pressing right at the begining of the semester. It would be great if you came down.

2003-12-04 07:37:43 ET

ya, thats what i'm thinking... that at the beginning of the semester, it will be the easiest time to make the trip.

2003-12-04 09:30:16 ET

I hope so too.

It occured to me last night though, would driving down be the brightest thing for me? Parking may be difficult to find and expensive. What's your opinion on that, as a Torontonian?

2003-12-04 09:35:05 ET

parking's not difficult to find at all. i drive down to toronto all the time, and it's really not that bad. or expensive.

i'm going to drive down i think, so ya. hehe

2003-12-07 13:26:31 ET

i'm also picking up classes again starting Jan. 12th, though my schedule shouldn't be too cramped (in theory).

2003-12-07 13:30:04 ET

In theory.

2003-12-10 08:53:14 ET

HURRAH Toronto meet.

Don't forget Christina and myself.

But what will I WEAR?

2003-12-10 08:53:48 ET

Just don't park on bloody Queen Street. If your time runs out, your car will be gone - even if it's two minutes. The parking people take their job very seriously.

2003-12-10 09:10:45 ET

hahahah you know that all too well, huh kat? :D

2003-12-11 18:17:01 ET

That's me, the parking ticket queen.

What can I say? I feel the world owes me free placement of my vehicle.

2003-12-11 18:22:48 ET

hahahah. it sure does m'dear. it suuuuuure does.

2003-12-12 04:08:58 ET

They gotta figure out a way to stack-park on the streets. That'd make so much more space. Parallel parking would become more of a bitch, tho.

2003-12-12 04:09:39 ET

Soooo.... Jan 10th, 17th or 24th (all saturdays)? How do those dates work?
Can I get a round of votes?

2003-12-12 06:06:26 ET

any of those days seem to work fine for me! i'll talk to kat (lillith) and see what we can conjure up with her friends from home who are also on SK (konrad, banana hammock, etc).. :)

2003-12-12 06:09:06 ET

I think Jan 10th is the best, even though I'm not in school. though it is just before the beginning of a new semester.

2003-12-12 06:09:52 ET

I'll let you know asap.

2003-12-12 06:10:33 ET

see actually i'm thinking that the 10th might not be the best weekend, for that exact reason. our 2nd semester starts on the 5th, and that will be the first real weekend back at school. i'm thinking the 2nd or 3rd weekend would be best.

2003-12-12 06:11:58 ET

Oh jeez what the heck am I talking about then! I'm not even in school *shut my mouth and pout in a corner*

by the way any of those dates is fine by me *back to the corner and pouting*

2003-12-12 06:13:46 ET

lol aw i'm sorry! dont worry about it :)

at first i thought the 10th would be prime, then i realized it's the first weekend back. aw. :(

it'll all work out tho :)

2003-12-12 06:24:41 ET

Heh I'm just being the great dramatist!

2003-12-12 06:33:25 ET

lol :)

2003-12-12 12:07:57 ET

I'll get back to you on that in the new year.

2003-12-12 16:36:59 ET

The 24th is my birthday!

I suggest the 10th or 17th, as I don't want everyone to feel OBLIGATED to bring a present for me...

Though I do love presents. With nice bows.

2003-12-12 16:39:44 ET

i'm all for the 17th. :D

kat, we'll make a road trip of it. it'll be sweeeeeeeet.

it'll be a pre-birthday BASH. mhmm.

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