My Scanner is sucking ASS!!!
2003-12-07 15:55:46 ET

I hate it when I have work to get done and the required tools are not cooperating.
My scanner seems to only want to scan 2 slides then freeze. I've tried restarting the program, the scanner, the computer, my brain, the car. Nothing seems to work.

And these slides have to be scanned tonight.


two weeks until my vacation. I wanna sleep.

2003-12-07 16:16:35 ET

New scanner.

Thats my best advice.


2003-12-07 16:18:43 ET

it is a new scanner... it's just bein a prick is all.

2003-12-07 16:19:58 ET

hm, I had similar problems with my webcam when I bought it. May I suggest going to their website and if they have any downloads for the program, get those. That helped me.

2003-12-07 16:50:10 ET

wowee cat. was that the last time we used a scanner is when I was there or the next day when we got those party pictures developed? Maybe you can try using the old os prorgram.

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