I hate 'flu season
2003-12-08 13:56:29 ET

I haven't got the shot yet, and I should, considering my mom's immune system has been compromised by her surgery last week.

It may be too late tho.

Send many special hugs and loves to my baby. She's sick and trying to study and pass. And she will. It's just harder when yer sick and ya can't sleep.

Go see The Station Agent. Really good movie.

9 business days 'til vacation!

2003-12-08 13:57:23 ET

I hope she gets better soon.. having to take exams when you're sick sucks ass.

2003-12-08 14:30:30 ET

topics to be covered on tomorrow's psych. exam:

autism & characteristics
psychosocial development (theories, social cognition, peer groups, friendships, society of children, types of children, types of aggression)
personal social development (assertion, prob. solving, strategies & definitions)
facts on family structure
Kolhberg's theory of moral development & reasoning

2003-12-08 14:33:17 ET

oh wow. that sounds like a metric arseload of fun.

2003-12-08 14:34:52 ET

tonight, i'd rather take one up the arse from a bull elephant than deal with this junk. :P

at least i am reasonably comfortable w/all material.

2003-12-08 14:38:50 ET

*offers you some anal-ease*

No doubt.. at least that way you don't have to try to study until the wee hours of morning to familiarise yourself with the subject matter. All will go well. :)

2003-12-08 14:40:50 ET

*nods* it helps that i have a background in working with children w/autism, and did a research paper on Kohlberg last semester. ;)


2003-12-08 14:42:58 ET

that's so great. One of my mom's friends has 2 kids with autism (don't ask me what kind, because I am SO clueless) but apparently they're in a really great program that's very music and art intensive, and they're making huge progress in it.

2003-12-08 14:44:57 ET

that is fantastic! are they in a program here in Toronto or elsewhere?

2003-12-08 14:46:22 ET

*nods* They live out in Etobicoke, I'm not sure where their program is.. I'll ask the next time I talk to my mother. ;)

Apparently the music especially is having a profound effect on the older boy.

2003-12-08 14:47:32 ET

typically, children with ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) respond VERY well to music and musically oriented activites. how old are the children, and are they both boys?

2003-12-08 14:50:16 ET

Very cool. :)

Yes, they're both boys.. I believe the older one is 7, and the younger one is 4.

2003-12-09 21:21:10 ET

I forsee many high grades for Ms Antoire here in my crystal ball! And endless days of health!

2003-12-10 04:13:15 ET

woohoo! i sure could use that ... and some friggin' sleep! going on 4 days and 2 hours of rest. :/

2003-12-10 07:21:25 ET

gah! 2 hours! *boggles*

the semester is almost over! coma is immanent!

2003-12-10 13:22:59 ET

1 more exam to go tomorrow, then maybe i can finally fall over and DIE!

2003-12-11 15:17:08 ET

man i got a bruuuutal case of the flu....


btw, i might be comming to montreal in march :D

2003-12-11 15:22:03 ET

i'd love to visit Montreal ... hell, there are a TON of places i'd love to see.

2003-12-11 15:22:08 ET

stomach flu over here. *waves* funstuff.

2003-12-11 15:22:21 ET

Montreal is GORGEOUS. you must go.

2003-12-11 15:22:49 ET

my tummy hasn't hurt at all, but is currently in the process of exorcising some massive demons. even tea and water are making it angry.

2003-12-11 15:23:43 ET

yep. sounds about right.
I wasn't hurting either, but I puked for about an hour straight.

2003-12-11 15:24:44 ET

*cringe* i HATE puking.
my demons have been running the other direction.

2003-12-11 15:25:00 ET

I miss montreal.
I'm still flu-less (fortunately), but I have a feeling that poetic justice shall hit and I'll be sick on my vacation.

2003-12-11 15:26:13 ET

Antoire- I'd take puking over the other option any day.

cat- agreed. I'd move back there in a second.

2003-12-11 15:27:18 ET

i have a lung infection based flu, so i was in pain for 4 days.

i'm alot better now

2003-12-11 15:28:09 ET

one of my profs has pneumonia that stemmed from this flu. i don't miss the years i spent battling that nasty bug.

2003-12-11 15:28:48 ET

Oof. pneumonia is NASTY. My mom dragged hers on for almost 10 months.

2003-12-11 15:29:57 ET

never had that one, either *knocks on wood*

2003-12-11 15:30:37 ET

used to get it every Halloween from age 4 to age 12. 2 years i had it twice in the same year.

2003-12-11 15:32:54 ET

I was a viral bronchitis victim m'self. Every winter, usually over xmas.

2003-12-11 15:35:15 ET

*cries* not fun at all, but it seems this antiboitic i'm taking is a friggin miracle worker, 2 pills and 16 hrs later my fever was gone and all that is left is my lung and throat infection

2003-12-11 15:36:11 ET

i like pills

2003-12-11 15:36:34 ET

I don't like pills. :(

2003-12-11 15:37:23 ET

depends on the pills

2003-12-11 15:38:22 ET

these pills were godlike, i went from chills and deathly temp, sweating, and delusions to normal overnight

2003-12-11 15:39:22 ET

cat- true enough.

DJ- then those pills were the 'good' kind. ;)

2003-12-11 15:39:58 ET

>>these pills were godlike, i went from chills and deathly temp, sweating, and delusions to normal overnight

i get that way just from kid's cold medicine!

2003-12-11 15:42:04 ET

seriously? sweet.

I took care of last night's stomach misery with peppermint tea.

2003-12-11 15:42:13 ET

erthromycin is what it's called 8:D

apprently respiratory flu's are some of the most dangerous

2003-12-11 15:45:44 ET

Makes sense.

2003-12-11 15:48:54 ET

but this week, one of the worst experiences of my life...

2003-12-11 18:16:46 ET

bleh! I get bronchitus every spring. Goes with the asthma. :(

I was born in Montreal and lived there until I was 7. I still miss it. beautiful city.

2003-12-11 18:17:33 ET

i can't wait to go in march and watch the canadiens get raped by the devils :D

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