Randle P. McMurphy
2003-12-16 18:52:08 ET

I gotta hat (we call it a toque) that makes me look a little like R.P. McMurphy.
I kinda talk like him too, when I wear it.
But, unlike everybody else here, I can't go home when I want! Damned Nurse Ratched!

I hope someone knows the guy I'm talking about.
I did get a hat like R.P. McMurphy's, and I like it. That's what I started off talking about here. But I don't have any pictures.... yet...
It's just a toque, and its black.

By the way... whatever happened to Preperations A thru G? Anybody know? I don't.

2003-12-17 04:51:45 ET

cuckoo cuckoo ...


2003-12-18 09:20:25 ET


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