An' another thing....
2003-12-16 19:04:02 ET

What does everyone want this year? C'mon, everybody has at least one thing they really want this year. And I mean something actually attainable, not something like world peace (not that we don't all want that, it's just kinda hard to wrap up and deliver). Think like your a kid again and there's that one thing that you really want this year but haven't had the time or the money to go out and get for yourself.

And please, I don't wanna read anybody saying "there's nothing I really want". C'mon, some sort of book, or a rare LP, or a pair of boots with ridiculous heels...

Why do I ask? Cause sometimes people just don't say what they want. For all the greed that runs amok in society today, there are a handful - and I believe that most of this handful are on SK - that are modest and selfless enough to not ask for anything, in an effort to maintain that modesty and humility.If you don't ask for something, you most certainly won't get it. Few people are gifted with the talent of reading minds, so you gotta say it.

Yeah, I might be talking out of my ass here, and most people have already been asked by their loved ones what they want, but I'm giving everyone else who hasn't the opportunity to now...

(i'm giving you the chance to be unashamedly greedy right now, so run with it!)

2003-12-16 19:06:29 ET

I want to give a gift to my Oma that will make her smile.

2003-12-16 19:10:11 ET

Mark, that's really sweet. And given how this Christmas will be for her (and you) I'll let you off this question.

(Yeah, special treatment, but I'm sucha softy that way)

2003-12-16 19:16:07 ET

I want the book of The Neverending Story, because it's so much better than the movie. And this other book, I believe called To Catch A Tiger, which I can't find anywhere... it's set in china during the british occupation, when the economy of china had completly been destroyed, and is about a group of runaway/homeless/orphan boys.
I'd also like to see her.

2003-12-16 19:19:34 ET

i want floormats for my car. badly.

2003-12-16 19:22:06 ET

I'd also like a personal massuse. Named Claude.

2003-12-16 19:39:37 ET

I want to get my own place! like a Loft or something! Very badly!

2003-12-16 20:52:57 ET

Him...and I'll leave it at that.

I want...him

2003-12-17 01:58:58 ET

UnLabeled- You want who?

2003-12-17 10:47:53 ET

It's a secret, if i tell ya...i might hafta kill ya =)

2003-12-17 11:16:31 ET

hmmm... I can live with that. Who?

2003-12-17 11:25:06 ET

He's a guy who makes me happy, and when im down he makes me thats what i need right about now

2003-12-18 09:19:19 ET

I want a house with a barn and some angora goats and some rare breed sheep. and a separate house for my mom on the same property. :)

2003-12-18 18:17:27 ET

I want to live on Cate's property with her goats and sheep. *chuckle*

World peace would be nice too, but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none.

2003-12-18 21:52:11 ET


castle commune with fiber animals y0!

2003-12-19 22:54:31 ET

oh another just came to mind that i want to add on to the list here. Tis is very expensive but yeah that on my wishlist. A darkroom yep!

Cat, you never said what your wish is.

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