At least that's something...
2003-12-22 13:07:52 ET

I just figured out how to put the accent, or 'fatha' (sp?) on my name. I never understood how to do it, but here it is: Seán. Man. That makes me happy.

Back to our regularly scheduled mopiness...

2003-12-22 21:00:49 ET

Hey! How did ya do it? That is if you are willing to reveal the secret.

2003-12-23 07:43:25 ET

Option + E, then press "A". You can do it with any vowel.

2003-12-23 08:45:37 ET

i was so excited when i finally figured out how to add the accent on the E's in my name.

2003-12-23 11:16:36 ET

Thanks Cat! you are the best!

2003-12-23 12:45:05 ET

Neat! I have no interesting accents in my name. :(

2003-12-23 12:55:39 ET

but do it anyway syb! nothing stopping ya! ;)

2003-12-23 12:57:14 ET

some Irish names with accents:
If anyone is looking for Irish names for a soon to be born, or want to know the meaning of your own name, check here. The page also gives the phonetics.

2003-12-23 12:57:16 ET

Umm.. ok?
Láná !

2003-12-23 12:58:28 ET

I've always loved the name Ciarán if I have a boy, but Derek isn't too fond of it.
That and not being of Irish descent, that would be a bit weird. Heh.

2003-12-23 13:01:10 ET

Yeah, people are generally partial to names of their own heritage. I don't really plan on naming any of my kids Mao or Johann or Suki or Sadir. Just doesn't work quite as well for an Irish lookin' kid.

2003-12-23 13:02:11 ET

Well, I'm such a mongrel, I have 8 different nationalities to choose from.. and Derek is Chinese.

2003-12-23 21:54:41 ET

Hmmm interesting Syb! pray do tell of your nationalities? I myself am scottish, irish, english, and of course canadian.

2003-12-24 10:47:55 ET

OK. On my mom's side, I'm German, Swedish, Danish, Ukranian and Russian.. and on dad's side I'm Spanish, English and Welsh. I'm first generation Canadian.

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