2003-12-28 17:15:13 ET

I haven't had a weekend like this in such a long time. Very mixed adventures... most were good, but one was really bad...

K, it's not the weekend, but since I was on vacation, everyday was technically a weekend. But anyway. Went to my buddy's place at 9pm where we exchanged gifts (his folks bought me the new U2 DVD, saa-weet!) and we proceeded to drink about a half a bottle of Jameson (I love that whiskey). Fortunately his house was within staggering distance of mine. So I did.

Walk up, sans hangover (that means 'without'), theGirl and an old friend of mine came to visit and have xmas dinner with my family. 14 drinks quaffed my thirst over the day. Only 1 of the drinks was non-alcoholic. Watched a few movies (Boondock Saints and The Family Man) then took theGirl home. Stayed over...

Felt kinda hungover, but no headache or sluggishness. Just a general weakness and dehydration. All that alcohol and no water will, no matter how spaced out those drinks are, hit you the next day. Went out with aforementioned old friend to pick up a few DVDs. Got LotR: The Two Towers, Special Extended Edition with Especially Extended PriceTag, Gladiator(for only $10 at HMV!) Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Trainspotting. Had a late breakfast (at about 3pm) then went out with theGirl to see Master & Commander. Good movie, great story, excellent battle scenes. Over the course of this day I was feeling more and more like shit...

Woke up and theGirl's place. Threw up. My late day breakfast never digested, so I spent the rest of the day in bed. Watched Two Towers and Gladiator. Discovered a mouse in theGirl's appartment. Up 'til about 2 trying to catch the damned thing...

Woke up with theGirl. No, I'm not living there now, so don't start! Felt better, went to Home Depot and got a few Live Traps (don't wanna kill the little mouse, just don't want it here). Set the traps, went downtown and walked around for a few hours in the sun. Went to see Return of the King... WOW! Go see! dropped theGirl off and finally made it back home.

Back to work tomorrow... 2 and a half days, then New Years (by whose calendar?) and I took Friday off too. Nice 4 day weekend.

but now i miss myGirl

2003-12-28 17:16:28 ET

did you catch the mouse? O.O

2003-12-28 17:17:25 ET

not yet
there are 3 traps ready tho, so it shouldn't be long.

2003-12-28 17:20:37 ET

at least you're using a live trap. :)

2003-12-28 17:22:45 ET

Yeah, I don't like those guillotines and stuff. So mean and inhumane.

2003-12-28 17:25:01 ET

I knew there was a reason I liked you. ;)

2003-12-28 17:26:18 ET

At least your liver is all clean now. =P

2003-12-28 17:27:41 ET

Oh, here's a tip from an ex-farm boy.


Put out a dish of beer or something for the little critter and it will lap it up, and beall drunken and dizzy and easy to catch.

I was a bored child...

2003-12-28 17:28:32 ET

I think it was food poisoning tho. After the Saturday morning debacle, I felt fine... just weak and hungry. So I know it wasn't alcohol induced. Might also have been a 24-hour stomach flu. I've heard thats been going around.

2003-12-28 17:29:20 ET

Mark- THAT'S COOL!!!! I gotta tell theGirl bought that one...

2003-12-28 17:30:51 ET

I had a grand time with two drunk ducks once. They couldn't tell wear the hell they were going, bumping into each other and quacking like the sky was falling ;)

2003-12-30 03:18:40 ET

LOL Mark! if only i had booze to waste on drunken mousey mayhem!

the little bugger came back around early this morning, but i think my frequent coughing scared him off again. my landlord came over and vrought some of those toxic pellets to use if needed.

*shrugs* thought it is poison, it isn't the decapitating kind. i like mice as pets, but not hiding in my house. especially since i have 3 birds to worry about.

2003-12-30 09:45:17 ET

If you can find where it came in, get some fabric and SOAK it with peppermint essential oil- all rodents hate mint with a passion and it'll keep them away.

2003-12-30 11:27:55 ET

the little bugger was caught this morning in the tip-trap with peanut butter! i let him go near a church a few blocks away.

2003-12-30 11:30:32 ET

I'm happy he's ok. We found one here a couple of summers again.. lured it into a jar with some bran flakes, and set it free in a nearby forest.

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