I'm a disease... a bubos in my home...
2004-01-02 06:58:40 ET

I'm really getting annoyed with my Mom's accusitory nature. Both of my parents are feeling ill, so it's probably this damn stomach flu that's been going around. My brother had it, I had it just after Christmas, then theGirl got it (and its mutated into something else now) so my Mother-Dearest thinks it's fair to point the finger of blame at me.

She's a medical-fucking-librarian! she should know that viruses and bacteria can be picked up from anywhere. And given that I'm the only one in this house that comes and goes on a daily basis (cause I still have to work) and uses the TTC, then it's inevitable that I'm gonna come into contact with a SHITload of maladies. I can't help it. I'm out in the city every day. Maybe I should get a job that allows me to work at home, and I'll handle every doorknob with a handkerchief and wear Kleenex™ boxes on my feet.


I barely share the same airspace most of the time, so as not to get her sick, and yet I get blamed for her stomach flu. For fucksake!

2004-01-02 08:11:02 ET

Parents are dumb. >=|

2004-01-02 10:42:16 ET

That they are, Mark.

2004-01-02 17:35:05 ET

I went out to meet up with a friend, then to see Nicole, and I left a note saying that if she'd developed leprosy or the bubonic plague I'd be sure to return home to spread the death.

My mom called and we had a laugh about it. But it still drives me up the wall.

2004-01-02 19:06:57 ET

heh. cute.

Stil, it's annoying when they act so completely juvenile.

2004-01-02 19:08:54 ET

KRUSH DEM!!!! grrr...

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