2004-01-05 18:02:44 ET


2004-01-05 18:03:47 ET




2004-01-05 18:04:33 ET


2004-01-05 18:43:04 ET

wow....does some one need some perkaset?

2004-01-05 22:50:22 ET

That's right, that's right mister... spend all your time flirtin' with me and then when you have a bad day you go runnin' to the girl. Yeah? Well homie don't play THAT game, nuh-uh-uh!

2004-01-05 22:50:48 ET

Hehe, I kid. ;)

Why so down?

2004-01-05 22:52:14 ET

Perkaset... that makes me snicker because it sounds like a rejected anti-depressant. =P

2004-01-05 22:56:01 ET

think vicaden mixed with's a nic mixxx.....rallly offisher....

2004-01-05 22:58:36 ET

Vicaden I'm unfamiliar with, however I've learnt about prozac in school. Hmm.

2004-01-05 23:00:06 ET

vicoden is basically morphine watered down and in a pill....its the good stuff

2004-01-06 06:12:40 ET

vicoden is *nice*. :P
as is flexeral. they are pain releivers/muscle relazers that are opiates.

2004-01-06 06:27:25 ET

Mark- I flirt because I care... ;-P

F.Y- Yes, percoset would be very nice right about now... I got hooked on Robaxecet back in high school. Only for a month tho. Too expensive, but I felt really groovy every day. People in school thought I smoked up all the time but I was just taking muscle relaxants.

2004-01-06 08:23:32 ET

Awww, how thoughtful. ;)

2004-01-07 20:06:46 ET

Once a month, robaxacet is my best friend. ;)

*hugs the cat*
feel better, boo.

2004-01-08 03:37:32 ET

I miss doing legal druks. I took NyQuil and went to school once. I think I told people this story. A friend (Brian) and I were heavily into Denis Leary's No Cure for Cancer act and I got the idea that NyQuil would be fun to do before going to class. Oh how wrong I was. Got me out of a days worth of classes tho. I just slept at the back of my first period classroom and my teacher (Mr. Volk) let me stay there. I think he figured I had a cold and was better off not moving.

Like I said... I miss doin the legal druks...

I don't like the drugs but the drugs like me...

2004-01-08 08:57:14 ET

I am so immune to Nyquil that it isn't funny. =(

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