The First Time
2004-01-08 13:54:57 ET

I have a lover, a lover like no other
She got soul, soul, soul, sweet soul
And she teach me how to sing.

Shows me colours when there's none to see
Gives me hope when I can't believe
That for the first time I feel love.

I have a brother, when I'm a brother in need
I spend my whole time running
He spends his running after me.

I feel myself goin' down
I just call and he comes around.
But for the first time I feel love.

My father is a rich man, he wears a rich man's cloak.
He gave me the keys to his kingdom (coming)
Gave me a cup of gold.

He said "I have many mansions
And there are many rooms to see."
But I left by the back door
And I threw away the key
And I threw away the key.

For the first time, for the first time
For the first time, I feel love.

2004-01-08 16:11:07 ET

wow...where did this come from?

2004-01-08 16:52:17 ET

It's from the U2 album Zooropa and is also on the Best Of 1990-2000, even though it wasn't a single. It's one of my favourite songs. It started out in early recodings as having a more gospel sound, but they simplified it. You can download it here.

2004-01-08 17:53:46 ET



2004-01-08 18:03:02 ET

either way it's got my vote....and it's not because of Bono either....

2004-01-08 18:04:11 ET

I love Bono + almost all of U2's music.. but yes, this is gorgeous.

2004-01-08 18:05:56 ET

almost all of U2's music??
What don't you like?

2004-01-08 18:18:04 ET

There was a live version of "wild irish rose" that I wasn't fond of.

2004-01-08 18:18:40 ET

Never heard that one
is that it?

2004-01-08 18:28:26 ET

Pretty much, yeah.

2004-01-08 21:17:24 ET

Awwww, sweetie... pour moi? ;)

2004-01-09 04:28:01 ET

Pour le monde, mon cher, pour le monde!

2004-01-09 08:48:17 ET

...I have no idea what that means...

2004-01-09 08:50:54 ET

"for the world, my dear.. for the world!"

2004-01-09 08:52:34 ET


2004-01-09 08:59:49 ET


I maintain that Bono is one of the most beautiful men on earth.

2004-01-09 09:03:12 ET

Eh, he's not bad, but he ain't great. =P

2004-01-09 09:04:05 ET


2004-01-09 09:08:30 ET

I can't argue about some of his older music though. That stupid love song he wrote in 1997 (?) turned me off of new U2 stuff though.

2004-01-09 09:11:30 ET

Which love song is that?

2004-01-09 10:14:55 ET

I am one of the hugest gi-normous biggest U2 fan. And I really like them too... There new stuff is their best by far...

2004-01-09 10:17:48 ET

Well, they're an amazing band. I love how they've progressed.. and I'm completely in love with 'Electrical Storm'.

2004-01-09 10:18:35 ET

Whats the U2 song where bono is sitting on this carriage or something riding around and singing about how he's so sorry to his girlfriend/wife for being a tool?

(when's he gonna write a song to me apologising for that horrid song?!)

2004-01-09 10:20:40 ET

"The Sweetest Thing" ?

I liked that song.

2004-01-09 10:21:19 ET

Yeah, that's the song.

I hated it.

Over played.

And over stupid. =P

2004-01-09 10:24:00 ET

At least you're not bitter. :D

2004-01-09 10:32:47 ET


But I should be.

Then I could really bitch about it. ;)

2004-01-09 12:15:20 ET

Sweetest Thing was actually a B-Side that was written while U2 was touring for The Joshua Tree. Bono forgot his wife's birthday and wrote Sweetest Thing as a gift. I think it appeared on the Where the Streets Have No Name single. He had a rotten cold, so the first recording has some of Bono's worst vocals.

I like the song still, mostly because I hate radio. Every station latches onto a hit and plays it to death.

2004-01-09 12:17:13 ET

Radio sucks in general. Best to stick to recorded music so you don't hear the same song 457975986452836528 times a day.

2004-01-09 13:36:02 ET

Is that a calculated figure? 457,975,986,452,836,528 x 4min =183,191,945,811,346,192 times you'd hear the same song... yeech!

That's something like 353,319,996,855,769 hours.

2004-01-09 13:56:29 ET

I'll take your word for it. I'm crap at math. :D

2004-01-09 13:57:16 ET

Math is for stupid people. =P

The smart ones use calculators.

2004-01-10 06:47:32 ET

My calculator didn't have enough space for all the numbers, so I had to do it the traditional way...

2004-01-10 10:01:37 ET

*slaps a "SPECIAL" sticker on the cat*

2004-01-10 12:39:45 ET

What, no gold star beside my name? Just a "SPECIAL" sticker? "I'm Special!"

2004-01-10 12:47:49 ET

*sticks a gold star to your forehead*

2004-01-10 12:51:03 ET

much ;-P

2004-01-10 12:54:43 ET


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