2004-01-11 10:42:42 ET

I don't think I like this whole 'vertical' thing. It doesn't agree with me.
Great jazz last night at The Rex Hotel,but 1 too many pitchers of beer, pints bought for us, half eaten street meat and a cab ride that needed to be faster.
I'm hungry. Need food. And water. Lots 'n' lots of water.

2004-01-11 10:46:55 ET

Oh honey.
*chuckle* Hangovers are no fun whatsoever.

2004-01-11 10:51:46 ET

no, dey aren't

2004-01-11 10:52:31 ET

gonna go have a shower now. Maybe that'll help too...

2004-01-11 10:55:17 ET

That'll help.
feel better.

2004-01-11 11:29:32 ET

Street meat? What??

2004-01-11 11:44:38 ET

You know... hot dogs from a hot dog stand. Street meat.

2004-01-11 11:54:53 ET

Ah, pardon my little rural ignorances.

2004-01-11 14:47:14 ET

You are pardoned m'lad

2004-01-11 15:27:05 ET


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