2004-01-16 08:09:41 ET

I'm getting my raise on my next paycheque, AND it's to be retroactive to October 21st 2003.

If payroll does what my mager told them to do. If he told them to. Which is what he told me that he did.

In other news, I gots my new t-shirt in the mail. It looks really good on me! I'll have a pic of it up soon enough!

2004-01-16 08:16:09 ET

there damned well better be pictures, mr. cam whore. :)

2004-01-16 08:30:58 ET

grrr... stoopid website. I didn't know it'd time out on me. I'll get a pic of it up soon. Promise!

2004-01-16 09:12:13 ET

K, here is the t-shirt and it's owner.

2004-01-16 09:44:42 ET

*just grins*

and i get to play with those lemons later?


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