2004-01-17 14:59:35 ET

I'm stuck at work assembling IKEA furniture for a shot on Monday! I've been here since 3 pm and I'm THE ONLY ONE IN THE BUILDING. Which is kinda cool. But not. AND I have BEER!!!! So it's not all bad.

But I kinda wanted to go out this evening and I don't think that's going to happen. It's nearly 8 now, I have one more piece of furniture to put together, so by the time I get home it'll be about 10pm, and after I get ready and all it'll be about 11. Then I have to trek down town. 11:30. This sucks. My only evening gone to waste. Blech!

2004-01-17 15:05:28 ET

That's not good, hon.

2004-01-17 15:10:02 ET

I just finished. Wasn't expecting that to go so fast.

2004-01-17 15:15:28 ET

well done, then. ;)

2004-01-17 15:50:15 ET

Well nvm if you are already done, but I was gonna suggest getting drunk and falling asleep in one of the chairs so people would think you were part of this display.

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