Not what I was expecting...
2004-01-17 22:12:13 ET

I'm still trying to make heads or tales out of this evening, but I'll attempt to put it right here....

Was at work until 8:30. I was supposed to meet up with my brother for pool and pints, but he hadn't got any sleep the night before (an alarm went of in his building at 6 this morning) and what with theGirl having her night out with the girls I found myself resigning to a night in. When I thought! Why don't I just go out anyway and have a good time by myself?

So I managed to get home, get changed and down to Savage Garden (great little Goth/Industrial club) to hang out a bit. An old haunt I hadn't been to in ages. Bumped into a (just as old) friend who said he was gonna head across the street to the Fetish Masquerade. I thought "Why the fuck not? I haven't been to one of those in I don't know how long!". 10 minutes later I'm over there. I bump into an old friend of mine who is, by far, the BEST photographer I know and we chatted for awhile.

Then the slightly-expected-yet-still-totally-unpreparred-for-moment arrived... I ran into my ex. Megan was there, which I figured to be a possibility. But we still had a really cool time. Caught up on old stuff, made a date for Tuesday (not that kind of "date") to catch up properly and, slightly more importantly, so I could get some stuff back.

Then ran into Steph (theGirl's roomate's friend) and chatted with her for a bit. She thought (briefly) that I was someone else, which was kinda funny considering she's met me 2 or 3 times before, and we bitched about an even older ex...

Now I remember why I left the scene. WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING DRAMA!!!

Stuff that we talked about I won't get into here. Let it be known that I (actually we) think my ex is insane, but my ex has other people thinking that I am insane. Funny how fate works.

Anyway. There's a post worth chewing on for a bit...

2004-01-18 07:04:32 ET

Drama? In the toronto goth scene?? *shocked* ;)

2004-01-18 07:08:30 ET

Hehe... Yeah, how could I forget?

2004-01-18 07:11:34 ET

Sometimes we need a little reminder of it. I was considering going to the next Darkrave on Feb 7th, but I'm reconsidering it.

2004-01-18 07:20:02 ET

iunno, darkraves never were my thing...

BTW, here's a playlist I had worked out that you might like.
I call it....
Velvet Licks

01 Rakim Dead Can Dance
02 Fish Throwing Muses
03 Ivo Cocteau Twins
04 Ex Lover's Lover Voltaire
05 Dreaming Blade Rhea's Obsession
06 Silence Delerium
07 Psychopomp The Tea Party
08 Golgotha Tenement Machines of Loving Grace
09 This Corrosion The Sisters of Mercy
10 Do You Love Me Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
11 October Rosetta Stone
12 Ziggy Stardust Bauhaus
13 Love Like Blood Killing Joke
14 Medusa Clan of Xymox
15 Archangel Brendan Perry
16 Adrift And At Peace Nine Inch Nails
17 Satan Rejected My Soul Morrissey
18 Pure Morning Placebo
19 Stupid Girl Garbage
20 Dissolved Girl Massive Attack
21 Exit Music (For A Film) Radiohead
22 I'm Deranged David Bowie
23 3 Libras (Feel My Ice) A Perfect Circle
24 And All That Could Have Been Nine Inch Nails
25 Take Me Alive Tweaker
26 Home Depeche Mode
27 Love Song The Cure
28 Age of Innocence The Smashing Pumpkins
29 There Is A Light That Never Goes Out The Smiths
30 People Are Strange Echo and the Bunnymen
31 Lucky Bif Naked
32 Nature Boy Massive Attack feat. David Bowie

2004-01-18 07:24:10 ET
I think the only songs that I don't have are Take Me Alive and Medusa.

have I mentioned lately how completely awesome you are?

2004-01-18 07:37:52 ET

awww, shucks! *looks all bashful*

Yeah Tweaker is actually ex-NIN guitarist Chris Vrenna, and he's got Craig Wedren singing on that track.

I should post them on my my Filesharing page.

2004-01-18 07:43:17 ET

*grins* yeah, yeah. Don't start getting all modest now. ;)

I'll definitely have to check them out.
I've finally stopped wallowing in Love Spirals Downward, and my friend Kaori pretty much forced a bunch of fischerspooner and wire at me.. both of which are really great.

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