Way too early for this
2004-01-20 03:09:39 ET

... or anything for that matter.
I'm 45 minutes early for work. Why? iunno. Just worked out that way.
The coffee isn't doing much, but then again, it never does. Someone told me that it's because of my blood type (B+), coffee doesn't have the same perking effects for me. Which, come to think of it, makes sense. I've never been buzzed by the amount of cafeine I've had, but more by the sugar that's gone with it.


k, i really want this coffee to take effect.

2004-01-20 06:32:24 ET

Take a page from my book: Spike it. ;)

2004-01-20 07:25:15 ET

Naw, see coffee makes me kinda groggy, add booze in there too and I'll REALLY be fucked!

2004-01-20 08:11:32 ET

Hmmm, all I can suggest is E then. =P

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