6 Degrees of Seperation
2004-01-20 07:49:30 ET

So I'm 2 degrees of seperation from knowing U2.
That's really cool.
That means I'm 3 degrees of seperation from knowing Bill Clinton, the Pope and Nelson Mandella.

This is all based on the notion that everyone in the world is at least 10 degrees of seperation from everyone else...

fucked. up.

2004-01-20 07:52:06 ET

kinda weird when you think about it, isn't it?

mmmm. Bono.

2004-01-20 07:59:13 ET

My uncle went to school with all four of them. Still shoots the shit now and then.

You'd think that'd make it easier for me to meet them, huh?

You think about it, up until recently, you and I were only a few degrees of seperation.

2004-01-20 08:01:41 ET

You'd think that, wouldn't you? ;)

I think there was only a fraction of a degree of separation with us, hon. Hell, we probably even spoke a couple of times when were were in ESA.

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