a change
2004-01-20 16:19:22 ET

I thought I'd make the page a wee bit different.

2004-01-20 16:23:24 ET

thumbs up

2004-01-20 16:33:36 ET

I'm sorry... it's become an ever-changing project now. I suspect I'll be tweaking it for a bit.

2004-01-20 16:34:27 ET

Well, my page changes with my mood.

2004-01-20 16:46:36 ET

There we go now. Finished. For now. Had to change the gallery titles to match the background.

And thanks for the vote of confidence O.A.

2004-01-20 18:35:34 ET

I like it. But then, I love blue. :D

2004-01-21 06:28:43 ET


tho I must admit that the black letters on the dark blue background does confuse my eyes a bit.

2004-01-21 06:45:56 ET

How's this colour for text?

2004-01-21 08:07:53 ET

looks the same :) against the lighter blue it's great. against the darker blue it blends in, at least to my eyes.

2004-01-21 08:11:18 ET

hmmm.... if I go white it'll be too extreme, any other clour and it'll look either garish, gaudy or it'll flash (like red on blue) and might give someone a seizure... I think I'll have to stick with this one.

2004-01-21 08:14:11 ET


it's prolly just my olde pharte eyes. :D

the colors are really beautiful.

2004-01-21 09:53:42 ET

I do like the blue better than the purple I first saw.

2004-01-21 10:18:44 ET

Yeah, I'm much more partial to this blue background. And I think it stands out nicely against the black background. Much more punchy, even tho it's a muted tone of blue.

K, now I'm getting technical. It's not s'pposed to be technical. S'pposed to be artistic!

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