Leo, Jan 22, 2004
2004-01-23 03:41:04 ET

Leo Horoscope for Jan. 22, 2004
You won't be able to keep a secret.
You are best not to discuss your personal life with others.
Do not blow situations out of proportion.

I should learn to read these things at the start of the day.

2004-01-23 07:29:18 ET

we're gona miss you around here, if you're taking a break still.

2004-01-23 08:08:31 ET

no, I'm back now. It was a rash overreaction to another overreaction. It's all good now. I just have to re-upload my images n stuff.

2004-01-23 08:09:08 ET

I so hear you about "the start of the day" reading of the horoscope! =P

2004-01-23 08:12:53 ET

excellent. i'm happy to hear that!

2004-01-23 11:16:11 ET

*taps foot patiently waiting for all images to be restored* welcome back =)

2004-01-23 11:40:35 ET

I'm not home yet.
Wait a bit longer.

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