dribble from my brain
2004-01-25 19:36:33 ET

I got my raise.
I still make really crap wages.
But I'm doing what I planned to be doing when I planned to be doing it.

In other news...
I bored theGirl to tears with Man on the Moon and A State of Grace. I thought she'd enjoy them. Hey, you win some, and you lose a lot of 'em...

I should head ta bed.

Don't wanna get up in the morning.

Can't I roll out of bed into my own studio? Is that too much to ask?

And can I have a Canon Digital Camera please?

S'pose not...

2004-01-25 19:37:33 ET

*hides her digital camera*

I hope you get your own studio sometime soon, boo.

2004-01-25 19:39:36 ET

Don't worry. I won't steal your camera. The one I want will put me in a shitload more debt than I could ever handle... That's why I won't buy it unless I win the lottery, which should be this Monday.

2004-01-25 19:42:44 ET

Well, here's hoping that you win it. :)

2004-01-25 20:07:18 ET

Congrats on the raise!

Buy a digital camera and a studio.

And you aren't gonna win the lottery, cuz I am.

Once I get a ticket.

But I'll share, don't you worry.

2004-01-25 20:42:59 ET

if it were in my power i would give you a studio, cause that would mean that i had an extra to spare...thus meaning 1 for me too.
i'd also give you the camera, cause i don't need 1. & you could use it to take pics of me for a new headshot which i DO need.

i think i've bored you to tears.

2004-01-26 04:03:39 ET

Did anybody notice that the camera I want is CDN$11,000?
Why am I in this business?

2004-01-26 06:16:21 ET


You're probably in that business because it's your passion, sweetie.. and more often than not, supplies for said passions tend to run very expensive.

2004-01-26 07:03:25 ET

appliances are not my passion.
but with a camera like that and a G4 laptop I'd be on the street taking pictures left right and center.

2004-01-26 08:09:03 ET

- Did anybody notice that the camera I want is CDN$11,000?
I did. Does it have GPS, DNA recognition, and transform into a car?

2004-01-26 08:11:09 ET

yes... and it makes a mean Pad Thai.

2004-01-26 08:11:45 ET

I was referring to photography, hon.. *chuckle* not appliances.

..and I like Pad Thai.

2004-01-26 11:41:20 ET

If everyone on SK found a busy corner for a night, I'm sure we could buy your camera, a studio, and then a new pair of shoes for ourselves.

Who's in?!?

2004-01-26 11:44:17 ET

Well, that depends on what we'd be doing on said corner, m'dear.. if we were pimping you, we probably wouldn't need the whole night..

2004-01-26 11:45:30 ET

That's a lot of pimps for lil ol' me.

2004-01-26 11:46:55 ET

you're worth it, bunny.

2004-01-26 11:50:22 ET

Awwwww, so sweet!

2004-01-26 11:55:30 ET


2004-01-26 11:57:52 ET

I've given serious thought to hustling the streets in tight little shorts, but the winter kinda gets in the way.

2004-01-26 12:01:19 ET

Good point.

2004-01-26 14:12:33 ET

-Mark..i'm in. i need new shoes.

2004-01-26 14:48:30 ET

I could do with another pair of New Rocks

2004-01-26 18:01:37 ET

And there we have it! Three gents with avatars of ourselves looking in various directions. With observational skills that that, we'll never miss a customer!

And we'll all have some damn fine shoes.

2004-01-26 18:07:23 ET

that's actually really cool... we're watching out for each other on here.

2004-01-26 19:01:11 ET

i feel the love

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