Just when you think you have it sussed out...
2004-01-26 18:05:45 ET

Something, just one thing, turns the corner and tosses a quarter at 'cha and says "Make a phone call, but make it count". Who do you call? Knowing that this call is going to change your life and the life of the person you call? Who do you call?
The results of that phone call will echo for years to come.
You call the person you love the most, cause you know they'll help you, somehow. What happens then?
That's what I'm trying to figure out.
I know, that's all really cryptic.
I have my fears, but I'm the daring type too. I do things on calculated whims.
There are times I have no clue what I'm doing, but I know that I'm doing it with someone I love and is in the same position as me.

Gotta take this one step at a time.

2004-01-26 18:17:15 ET

Are you going to prison?

2004-01-26 18:17:43 ET


2004-01-26 18:18:12 ET

Well, maybe, if they find out about the... y'know... wookie comment...

2004-01-26 18:23:08 ET



2004-01-26 18:26:17 ET

c'mon... that was funny... I mean, in a really, really really horrifying way. But I laughed my balls off.

There that should be vindication enough for you. I'm ball-less.

2004-01-26 18:30:35 ET

Maybe if they came off in a less-than-pleasent manner.

Like, they got ran over by a steamroller or crushed between a hot curling iron, you dirty dirty man!


2004-01-27 11:29:31 ET

Life has a funny way of pitching you in the right direction even when you feel like your head is up your ass. ;)


2004-01-27 11:59:02 ET

I tried to think of some cons to the whole situation. I was sitting there for a good 20 minutes on the TTC and couldn't come up with anything.

2004-01-27 12:01:45 ET

That's usually a pretty good indicator that "pro" is winning, neh?

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