2004-01-28 03:58:51 ET

I have a love/hate relationship with this day.

I love Wednesdays cause they can't be any worse than Tuesday or Monday.
I hate them cause they remind me that I still have to get through Thursday in order to make it to Friday.
I love them because usually I work a few more hours and make some overtime.
I hate them because I work a few more hours.

Dave (the photographer I assist) always says "It's one day closer to Monday".

There are times I wanna thwap him.

2004-01-28 04:33:37 ET

Its also one day closer to RADHOTMANSEX.

Cheer up! ;)

2004-01-28 04:34:40 ET

I intend on being unneccessarially HAPPY for my early class, because I love it.

But I hate the time.

But I still love it.

Find something you love and go with it. *nodnod*

*shuffles off in a sagely way*

2004-01-28 07:29:50 ET

By "RADHOTMANSEX" I assume you mean "REDHOTMANSEX"...

And I won't be having any mansex in the forseeable future. And I can see pretty damn far into the future. So far, in fact, that I'm gonna have to act surprised at my next 4 birthday parties.

2004-01-28 07:38:53 ET



Like the california surfers say.

Ya know?

2004-01-28 08:30:38 ET

God ... surfers ... I hate those guys. Well not really. I only hate them when they try and damage your car because they think you're surfing their waves.

C-Cat: Good man. There is no need for sex at all. It's over rated.

2004-01-28 09:47:43 ET

sex is never overrated.

2004-01-28 10:39:47 ET

Mark- "Rad"... such an antiquated word. Akin to "kowabunga", "gnarly" and other Ninja Turtlisms.

Vega- I never said I wasn't gonna get any sex! Just no mansex.

Amanda- You couldn't be more right. Sex is something no one should be denied for longer than 48 hrs.

2004-01-28 11:13:39 ET

hehe ... the Cat has yet to experience his "virginity growing back". some say it takes only 6 months without the hot & funky. i say it takes a year. and i've had it happent to me more than once ... most recently, while i was still IN a relationship!

2004-01-28 11:15:16 ET

Virginity growing back? What?

2004-01-28 11:15:49 ET

re: "Amanda- You couldn't be more right. Sex is something no one should be denied for longer than 48 hrs."


2004-01-28 11:18:01 ET

Sex people. Ick. *gets inside his plastic bubble*

2004-01-28 17:21:49 ET

I'm with Antoire on this- 48 hours has got to be the maximum. Anything more than that is cruel and unusual punishment.

2004-01-28 17:23:14 ET

but, but, that was my statement! I said no more than 48 hrs....

2004-01-28 17:25:53 ET

ok, kitty.. I amend my agreement.

It was CHESHIRE CAT that I agree with. Not Antoire. Ever. I've never agreed with a single thing that ANTOIRE has said.



2004-01-28 17:26:37 ET


2004-01-28 17:27:02 ET


2004-01-28 17:31:19 ET

Give credit where credit is due.
But if I didn't come up with the 48 hrs thing, then she would have.
She great.

2004-01-28 17:32:27 ET

good! people agree. sex can never be overrated, and NO-ONE should be denied sex for long durations of time. that's just unfair.

2004-01-28 17:34:02 ET

sex for everyone then! it's on the house! next round of


2004-01-28 17:34:29 ET


2004-01-28 18:04:16 ET

I'm going. *rolls away in plastic bubble*

2004-01-28 18:04:51 ET

Like in "The Prisoner"?

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