Haiku #4 by C.V.
2004-01-30 08:48:01 ET

Chris Vega has written haikus about people.

I am going to do a person of the day now. So ... I need to start meeting more of you so I can write my little wannabe haikus in your honor.

The fourth person I will honor is

C-Cat (you all know him as Chesire Cat)

I have my guiness
I see you looking at me
Buy your own drink dude

HA! I like this one.

I feel honoured!

2004-01-30 08:49:23 ET


ok, that ROCKS.

2004-01-30 10:52:05 ET

Mr. Vega needs to publish a book, methinks.

2004-01-30 10:54:00 ET

Wait, there have been four now? I've missed people!

I've only seen yours and Syb's!


2004-01-30 11:41:37 ET

I only know of mine and Syb's... I was wondering who the first 2 were.

2004-01-30 20:00:12 ET

Heheh don't give me too much credit. That haiku practically wrote itself.

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