work work work
2004-02-01 16:19:01 ET

I've been at the studio every day this week. By next friday that'll be 12 days in a row. Provided I'm not asked to work next weekend.

But yesterday was good. Prior to clocking in, theGirl and I had a good long photoshoot. Snapped about 150 shots, 45 of which were keepers and now reside solely on two CDs.

I'd post some, but I'm not sure Nicole will let me. Yet...

Anyhow. I'm tired. And I have to work tomorrow. And the next day. And the one following that.

see the repetition?

2004-02-02 06:39:12 ET

Where do you work, dearie, and what do you do?

2004-02-02 08:12:56 ET

I work at Pi Media and I'm a photographer and photo assistant. Aside from shooting this weekend I was painting background props for someone else's photoshoot.

Friday afternoon, about an hour before I was going to go home (to my dad's retirement party) I was asked first to work Saturday. I said no I'm shooting my own stuff. then they asked me to work Sunday. Then they ask me if I can stay late that evening. I'm not the only assistant in the studio, so I'd like to know why they kept coming to me.

I didn't work Friday evening, and I spread Sunday's work over 2 days. theGirl helped me with some of the painting.

Still... why did they keep asking me? So late in the day? Huh?


2004-02-02 08:26:09 ET

I think that's horrid, and I think that you should be able to flat-out tell them no. If they need so much extra work, they need to hire a temp.

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