do you know tyler durden?
2004-02-02 18:48:18 ET

Just finished watching Fight Club for the millionth time.
If you haven't seen this movie, I highly recommend you do. It's very... deep.
Especially if you're a disenfranchised male realising that there's nothing worse than working for the man just to pay off the credit card and build your little IKEA nest of a condo.

Not to say there's anything wrong with IKEA.

Just watch the movie, alright?

2004-02-02 18:51:09 ET

Um, you lost me there...

2004-02-02 18:52:54 ET

You have to see the movie. Or at the very least read the book, which is a very quick read and one of those books you end up saying "How the hell did they make a movie out of this?", but they did and probably made the best movie adaptation of a book I have ever seen.

2004-02-02 18:54:38 ET

I'm sure someday I will see this movie.

2004-02-02 18:55:09 ET

you'll never look at soap the same way again.

2004-02-02 18:56:00 ET

Very true. That scene at the lyposuction clinic is really nast.

2004-02-02 18:56:24 ET

I dry heaved good and proper after that.

2004-02-02 18:59:18 ET

When Tyler slips in it.

2004-02-02 19:00:45 ET


2004-02-02 19:05:16 ET

Noooo idea what you're talking about.

2004-02-02 19:08:11 ET

See the Movie Mark. Really.
It's about more than just mischief, mayhem and soap.

2004-02-02 19:10:25 ET

What could it possibly be about? Like mischief, mayhem and soap are just about all she wrote my friend. It doesn't get better than that.

2004-02-02 19:11:56 ET

go... rent it now... or tomorrow morning when the Blockbuster opens up. Just see this movie.
Or read the book.

2004-02-02 19:13:46 ET

Fine fine... and the Blockbuster across the street is open now. =P

2004-02-02 19:15:40 ET

I thought they close at Midnight.

2004-02-02 19:16:08 ET

Hm, maybe they do.

2004-02-02 20:18:33 ET

You know...I saw most of that movie once, but I have never been privie to the whole thing.

2004-02-03 04:03:01 ET

I find meaning and identity with the spirit of the movie.

2004-02-03 09:09:03 ET

It seemed, from what I saw, to be really quite deep.

2004-02-03 09:09:15 ET

And a little confusing as well, to be honest.

2004-02-04 06:27:42 ET

Read the book if you haven't already, its my favourite novel....MUCH better than the film. ;)

2004-02-04 07:00:59 ET

Yeah, but the film is a really good lift of the book. Even Palahniuk thought so (met him, got his autograph in his book "Lullaby", another really cool book)

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