badgers & mushrooms?
2004-02-03 04:08:29 ET

I was told that if I watched this for more than 2 minutes I'd be clinically insane.

iunno... maybe I'm already there...

2004-02-03 05:11:36 ET

I know I'm now ready for a nice white jacket.

2004-02-03 05:20:48 ET

What's worse is that it gets stuck in your head... you end up singing badgers badgers badgers badgers mushroom mushroom! You sound crazy more than anything.

2004-02-03 05:56:51 ET

That's true, at least it's not for enthusiasm but rather for lyrics that have an exceptional ability to imprint themselves upon you. Heck, I don't listen to Eminem and I know those lyrics and tunes - so this was unavoidable.

2004-02-03 06:21:15 ET

the badgers, are and a friend will listen to that for hours...and start randomly singing that in class +)

2004-02-03 06:41:22 ET

a snake! a snake! snaaaaake a snaaaaaake! ooOOooooo it's a snaaaaaaaaaaaaake..

2004-02-03 06:50:07 ET


2004-02-03 07:16:29 ET

but in that 'good' way.

2004-02-03 08:23:58 ET

I use it as a work out. I dance like the badgers and see how many snakes I can get through. It's NOT easy.

2004-02-03 08:24:41 ET

I'd pay to see that.

2004-02-03 12:27:51 ET

How much would you pay? 10 snakes!!!! I can survive 10 snakes before the madness sets in.

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