did some work
2004-02-05 14:48:55 ET

...at the studio last weekend. I've posted a single photo from the session.
Warning! Female nudity (well, just her back really...)

2004-02-05 14:50:51 ET


You could have sensored that you know...

...or at least warned me!

2004-02-05 14:57:25 ET

Forgot that some people might not be 100% interested.
But it was cleared with m0xie.

K, I'll update the post with a warning...

2004-02-05 14:58:44 ET

Nah, don't worry about it. I'm sure I'll be the only one who may get all granny-ish on you about this ;)

2004-02-05 15:20:36 ET

She is ART!
And she created herself and I simply said

2004-02-05 17:56:10 ET

hey ... that's me!

2004-02-05 19:04:08 ET

Yes it is!

2004-02-08 11:07:48 ET

Those tattoos are quite awesome looking.

2004-02-08 11:09:01 ET

why thank you. i have 7 total so far, and am planning my next series right now.

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