Valentine's approaches...
2004-02-08 18:14:54 ET

Largely based in fiction
And loosely based on truth
this Cat went a searchin'
with the eyes of a sleuth.

"What was he to look for?"
One might pause to say
As he stood inside a love store
One February Day.

Surrounded by leather
PVC and lace
Excitement crept over Cheshire
His mind began to race.

"Such clothing, do I dare?"
As he took off his hat
"Oh hell! What would she wear?"
Lamented our Cat.

Something sexy for his Girl
Of that you can be sure
"She'll smile and give it a whirl"
Winked our Cat, now secure.

Valentine's taken care of
Sure of that he was
Off to hold his true love
Cause that's what he does.

Better than all the rest
theCat loves theGirl
No other could be the best
Not anywhere in the world.

2004-02-08 18:25:36 ET



2004-02-08 19:13:08 ET

Hooray for Love!! *drink sake in a toast to the everlasting power of true love*

2004-02-08 19:37:33 ET

ok, that's cute beyond all reason.

2004-02-08 19:39:21 ET

Yeah, I'm really happy with it!

2004-02-08 19:40:21 ET

with reason!
*applauds daintily*

well done.

2004-02-08 20:12:18 ET

That's beautiful and adorable and I love it. ^^

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