manic monday
2004-02-09 07:05:31 ET

K, I overslept by 2 FRIGGIN' HOURS!!!
Got to work at 10am (unlike my usual 8:30) only to find that Dave

He never calls in sick.
He's never late by more than 15 minutes.
Did he win the lotto? No, his stuff is all still here.
Now I have to shoot laundry teams.
And advise other photographers on how to shoot the shots Dave normally would shoot today.
And I have to try and make up that hour-and-a-half.

Just another manic Monday...

2004-02-09 07:10:03 ET

Well, good luck on that.

2004-02-09 07:11:01 ET

Yay for being late! Have fun!

2004-02-09 09:20:00 ET

Oy. =(

Hope you don't get fired or anything...

2004-02-09 11:41:29 ET

Mark- Not likely. I'd have to sit on my ass all day and give them serious attitude before they'd even give me a warning.
Siren- No. No fun to be had here. Even when I'm on time.
Syb- Thanks hun *hugs*

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