helplessness sucks
2004-02-09 13:18:37 ET

When all you want to do is make your special someone feel better and you know you can't.

Send love and hugs to theGirl. She's got a really, really, really awful headache.

Among other things.

2004-02-09 13:38:14 ET

Give a consideration to using peppermint essential oil, it is natural (no putting nasty acetaminophen in your body) and when applied properly (head massages are nice) quite effective.

Make sure you get undiluted oil intended for use on the body, not for perfume.

2004-02-09 13:49:28 ET

I'm always been a fan of a good stiff shot of gin.

And I know if one doesn't do the trick, then just keep going til something happens ;)

2004-02-09 14:05:13 ET

r.e. lilith's suggestion - lavender oil is also a good one to rub into the temples..

poor girlie girl. :\

2004-02-09 14:06:20 ET

r.e. my suggesting - GIN is fun, and tastes good with soda water and a lime. ;)

2004-02-09 14:10:23 ET

gin is naaassttyyy.

2004-02-09 14:18:39 ET

Is not.

2004-02-09 14:18:46 ET

Vodka is nasty.

2004-02-09 14:20:49 ET

Is not.

2004-02-09 14:20:53 ET

Gin is nasty.

2004-02-09 14:50:56 ET

Nope. Vodka = nasty. Gin = Not nasty.

2004-02-09 14:53:58 ET

yeah, yeah.
You can have your gin.. I'll stick with vodka.

2004-02-09 14:55:33 ET

Fine fine.

though I'm curious, what about gin do you not like?

2004-02-09 15:01:07 ET

the taste.

2004-02-09 15:04:03 ET

But gin and vokda taste rather similar aside from that really "raw" alcohol taste that vodka has. Is that it?

2004-02-09 15:04:33 ET

...actually... without that blatant alcohol taste, vodka would be like water...

2004-02-09 15:05:23 ET

I have gin! I have vodka! Its time for shots to figure this out, and if I'm drunk my the time Jeff gets here, he can put me to bed.

2004-02-09 15:06:06 ET

Gin just reminds me of paint thinner.. it has a similar smell.

2004-02-09 15:06:29 ET

Ah. I see.

2004-02-09 15:24:35 ET

Enough Gin and Vodka talk!
My god, what a tangent.
Thank-you Lillith and Syb, I'll be sure to pass the info on to theGirl.

As for this Gin & Vodka debate. You're both wrong, the best liqour in the world is 12 year old Irish Whiskey. No alcohol taste, just malt barley.

Juniper berries and potatoes can go to hell as far as I'm concerned. Give me barley.

Or blarney. Or both.

2004-02-09 15:25:42 ET

I concede. Irish Whiskey (Uisge? hehehe) is lovely.

2004-02-09 15:34:04 ET

There is no accounting for taste. ;)

2004-02-09 15:39:31 ET

Lucky for you, sucka ;)

2004-02-09 16:55:30 ET

thanks for the tangents and the great ideas.

2004-02-10 08:17:09 ET

I had to guess on all of them cept the Guiness. I hope no one got the guinness question wrong.

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