Quiz stolen from theGirl
2004-02-10 07:23:48 ET

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Take my quiz.. Please?

Update: The first question got messed up. Here's the question as it should be:
What are my top-3 desert-island CDs?
a) Nine Inch Nails "The Fragile, U2 "Achtung Baby", Radiohead "Hail to the Thief"
b) Paul Weller "Fly on the Wall, U2 "Zooropa", The Cure "Bloodflowers"
c) NIN "The Downward Spiral", Radiohead "OK Computer", A Perfect Circle "Thirteenth Step"
d) Zero 7 "Simple Things", U2 "All That You Can't Leave Behind", R.E.M. "Automatic for the People"

So remember this list and then pick the appropriate one on the quiz.
Don't worry, some of the questions are uber-hard, so I'm not expecting you all to get 100%. But at least a 60%, right?
I'm not that aloof.

2004-02-10 07:28:48 ET

I got 6/10


2004-02-10 07:38:13 ET

I'll shoot porn with you. ^_~

heeheehee... *ahem*

I got 6/10 too.

2004-02-10 07:38:14 ET

Which ones did you miss?

2004-02-10 07:39:13 ET

I kept fucking up the painball ones. *laugh*

2004-02-10 07:39:40 ET

k, the first question got all fucked up. I'm pissed about that now.


2004-02-10 07:41:02 ET

Oh no, because I got the first question right!

2004-02-10 07:42:56 ET

Yeah, but it'd be harde if you could read all the album titles. In some cases the third band got cut out altogether.
Not satisfied with this quiz site...

2004-02-10 07:43:35 ET

all the album titles loaded fine for me..

2004-02-10 07:44:39 ET

It seemed to work for me...

2004-02-10 07:53:30 ET

hmm....3 bands, 3 album titles, each question?

2004-02-10 07:54:24 ET


2004-02-10 07:56:41 ET


2004-02-10 08:08:51 ET

I wonder how many people would get right if I created one

2004-02-10 08:13:09 ET

hahaha... dude... i got 9/10. how the heck that happened, i still dont know. :D

2004-02-10 08:16:12 ET


2004-02-10 08:32:08 ET

Amanda- wow.... let's see if theGirl will get even that. Which one did you miss, btw?

2004-02-10 08:54:58 ET

i missed #4... the one about what you'd want to do on any given night... i said play pool and drink beer (cos hell, who wouldn't want to do that? hehe).. but naw.. i was wrong. :)

2004-02-10 12:08:01 ET

Oh I'd love to take it...but I really don't know anything about you, except that you're cool and pretty and you toast to your grandfather every time you have a particular type of drink and that you like the Same music as Sybarite.


2004-02-10 15:21:31 ET

Take it anyway. Amanda knows just as much as you and still scored a 90.

2004-02-10 15:55:40 ET

hahaha exactly.

but i'm gooood, you see.

2004-02-10 16:42:20 ET


...Well ok, I will! ^_^

2004-02-10 18:13:05 ET

I took your quiz, and I did POORLY (40)!!! I even missed several obvious paintball questions. However, you can rest assured that I now know a great deal more about you.

2004-02-10 20:05:19 ET

and if you wana know more about ME, you can do MY quiz :D hehehe

shameless self quiz promotion, here :)

2004-02-11 05:32:53 ET

booyea - i got 100! :)

hehehe ... the Cat only got 20 on mine the first time out! ;)

2004-02-11 05:44:46 ET

I got a 60 on Antoire's.

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