peer pressure sucks
2004-02-13 11:36:15 ET

As you can see, the text on my page has changed. To suit others. Not myself.
Smile, dammit! Ya got yer way.

2004-02-13 11:48:55 ET

i don't remember what it was before :-\

2004-02-13 11:53:40 ET


hey ...
you dinna have to change it.

2004-02-13 12:48:31 ET

who wanted you to change it? I thought it was fine....


2004-02-13 13:18:35 ET

Apparently some people didn't. Not naming names (not theGirl in any case).

2004-02-13 13:34:25 ET

well, that's their problem, isn't it?

2004-02-13 15:49:11 ET

Well, its easier to read... =P

2004-02-14 16:14:22 ET

But it looks so... so... gaudy!

White. So extreme. Blech!

2004-02-14 16:21:12 ET

K, so I like this better.

But how many of you see the Copperplate text for my headings and the Bookman for the body text?

theGirl's computer sees neither. It all comes out Times New Roman.

2004-02-14 17:05:39 ET

Its always been Times New Roman to me...

2004-02-15 11:19:27 ET

its spose ta be bookman.... *mutter mutter*

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